Reiter's syndrome

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REITER’S SYNDROME It is characterised by a triad of urethritis, arthritis and conjunctivitis with or without iridocyclitis. Etiology. It is not known exactly. The syndrome typically involves young males who are positive for HLA-B27. The disease occurs in three forms: postvenereal due to non-gonococcal arthritis, postdysenteric and articular form. Ocular features. These include: (i) Acute mucopurulent conjunctivitis which may be associated with superifical punctate keratitis. (ii) Acute nongranulomatous type of iridocyclitis occurs in 20-30 percent cases of Reiter’s syndrome. Treatment. The iridocyclitis responds well to usual treatment. A course of systemic tetracycline 250 mg QID for 10 days may be useful in post-venereal form suspected of being caused by Chlamydia infection.