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“If the liberal arts do nothing else, they provide engaging metaphors for the thinking they displace.”

― Roger Zelazny, Unicorn Variations

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  1. The Burning, 6 : pointlights, coordinates, radius, sines and cosines ... a sundial, find the spot for the dot - hi-school's been a while, it still feels like wasted time since i have to look it all up anyway again. In 3d ... where pointlightradius must < the area where the board is lol , it works on a circle ... well the idea is a stick in the sand is probably available with a little knowledge of where the sun rises an indicator between this day and the next but - math is hard, barbie . I wonder what the space guys do for 19 hours straight in a capsule that steers itself ... un necessary fluff but so is most stuff in your living room. What is your problem with my lifestyle, lets call it life since you ripped it of style, lets call it halflife since you ripped it of life, o wait ... stick to the game ... stick to the game. Its getting harder, the air is getting thick again. And i just realised i have a realworld coefficient sent from the server ... not the one between days at world's end ... MORE MATH ... gud , less brainrot but ... math is not a thing for daylight, definitely not.
  2. The Burning, 5 : finally ... the what to call it ? index ? factor ? coefficcient for my "sunrise/sunset" colour cycle - its all in the syntax and syntax is a waste of brainspace, these things take time but i wont give up my versatility for a parrot-by-heart spreadsheet brain that knows all the words in the right order (its a REAL waste since those languages dont stay the same , youll get stuck with all kinds of old stuff youll never need again, and whats more, likely prone to keep using what youre used to, as force-of-habit , as i believe most things stem from (literally brain-) fear of the dark -=> survival , you dont walk the path you never walked because subconscious statistics implanted by the universe tell you - however, its the freaks and only them who provide progress, thats why the tek-nine rely on buying companies : they ran out of inspo after their founders went ( = lol) okay no comment ... day-night cycle yes , in stereo-colour what did they call that ? you ask why ? why not ? it HAS a day-night cycle and a 10 month calendar , and its certainly not the only game that doesnt stop just cuz you log out (yea there he goes with ark evolved again, ... theres plenty who do that ... i didnt invent sliced bread i just ate a lot of it). I wonder, sometimes ... what if i were like, no more damaged than 'normal adult people' , living in a healthy environment that i chose myself .. what would i be capable of without all these interruptions and ******* trying to crawl up my every ***** 24/7 ? But thats pointles, because im not and im here ... and it doesnt look like im getting out of here in this lifetime so wondering that brings just more interruptions and ****** . M hm and YOU, sir, your site is ... o wait a minute **** , well im practicing frosty HARD lately ... it occupies even more braincycles leaving even less ... so before i forget ... i need a curve on the coefficient b/c seasons, unless i physically park the planet in my mind in space ofcourse but i think having seasons will open up more interesting. Just some wiki-research already put up limestone and what all can come from that ... thats the interesting bit, right. I have a few place-names for landmarks and place i try to mesh from danish translated words phonemically and i think that should give it some consistency at least. Why bother ? why not ? i wonder how tolkien got his names, they're all SO consistent ... but he was a professor in the languages, right ? to think i was checking computational linguistics for the original idea of interactive feeds ? i must have been crazy ... (have been ??? define crazy ?) , more like cray-cray, right? gud :D
  3. The Burning, 3 : did some research on forced and loaded marching and whatnot and "the distance an avg person walks in one hour" , you know, all that stuff you need to build a game no one heard about. But that brings me to another bit : time + time-of-day :) ... combined with a 10 month calendar projected on the augustine one we still keep here and the 'daily cycle' (theres plenty of games , mostly browser games that will have you come back every day to keep up for one thing and im not in the least concerned on 'what people want' ... thats how blizzard killed wow imo (way before they turned evil - i personally never played further than vanillawow myself, quit with the first expansion) - i think accomodation towards supporters should not go as far as to alleviate their misery because they wanna run FAST without dying and give them 10 ton resources on one click 'bc it takes too long' but its no-code time and it has to be FAST, just sell first , think later, homer simpson will forget by the time you shove the next product and this ... is ... not ... a product ... okay - daily cycle in a 10 month calendar so i should have some kind of ... mh m yea. N nah, i think that's utter crud, if you play Ark Evolved online on an official and you want a bronto , or even a stego ... one thats like more than 2 or 3 lvls for starters and you just have your first flint axe from a rock you picked up and some berries in your pockets then you should be prepared to hang around for ... 4 hours , maybe 8 or 12 ... some higher level dinos take days, the latest one maybe weeks at standard rates. If you leave in that time, chances are pretty high both your dino AND you will have been eaten by raptors, YET, for some reason, to GAMERS ... it seems to be pretty popular so, you'll have to excuse me on my strange opinions in these matters... its not Ark, its turnbased but im trying to make some examples to avoid having to in the future, in case anyone actually ever reads this log ... but that takes me to "time" again, day-night cycle ... washed-up beach , day hot / night cold .. instead of give me all your billions before i write one line EOS-style, i seem to be more like "ill create another billion ... potential issues before i write another line ...) is that bad ? b/c atm it only relates to me, myself and i ... i said before : my third goal on patreon will be : find someone to do my patreon for me since i literally s*k a** at that stuff ... and given the legal circumstance (its nothing criminal) i can not SELL anything i can just give it up for free and accept grants .. patreon .. votes .. so maybe you have a green-card and i can come there or there and do it otherwise, otherwise ill need money to start making money , you dont have to believe it but the situation being what it is thats what it is, and then when i put it up front and for some reason it doesnt make enough i lose it all and might be in debt for years on top ... SO YOU CAN SEE ... (or not) ... the bucket of predicaments preventing me from downgrading my work to a product :)
  4. The Burning, 2 : m hmm .. summertime avant la lettre, im pretty sure im no longer in belgium but some alternate dimension where aliens experiment on me. There's like no rain ... so this cant be belgium ... anyway - 50cm³ to export objects from blender make them tilesized to one unit - that's helpful ... its so lolly that i just keep doing tweenpr0n instead of building up the game but then again ... who cares :) - hour(s) later ... a bit stuck on 'how much km² is one tile' now , i ... the original "washed-up beach" is a rpg-maker style tilemap game has made way for loftiers plans but since i already have like the daily cycle installed (doesnt do much yet xept move 'citizens' around - citizens are not npc's and if i get that far they are not henchmen and henchmen are not servants :p ... yea ... ofcourse ... but still). I was looking into stuff like fish/per/day and tanning hides, skinning and salting or smoking, how many days and whatnot but if a tile is x km² then spicey as a lone NPC doesnt really need 5% of the map and thus. This is where it gets slightly interesting. I find the lighting system to be somewhat ... built for performance i suppose but i dont really need fancy lightshows for this. It's just not too clear on the falloff yet (lights have falloff , say your lamp has a radius of 10 meters the last meter will be a lot darker than the one around the lamp) and its euhm, well ... i dont really have a head for 3d coordinates atm but something seems off, and maybe its the falloff and you can't set the falloff and i cant find how that calculates, only that any object outside the radius gets zero light (which makes total sense ...) really sad i couldnt be doing this for the past 20 years instead of ... Well yea euhm, stick to the game right ... im doing it all on this old radeon card with a very senior cpu by now but i think thats good b/c that way if it runs here it will certainly run there. It's not a fragger and i'm not team frostbite or epic either , im not even team, right ? I think that stuff like "how long does it take" will take a lot of my cpu-cycles(in my head) and then some, like : the romans would do forced marches up to 100km a day but a scholar will very likely not make that ... or should i just go for CLICK THE APPLE AND IT SAYS SPLASH ? we have enough of those, right and where would be the fun in that ... im thinking like if i could sid meyer get to say just 'hmm...' instead of 'meh' that would be already be a major victory the likes panzer general has never seen BUT ... i don't write to impress :) (in the name of kawazaki ... o yea this is not writing, RIGHT ... right ...su mi ma sen)
  5. The Burning, 2 : halts & stops ... and stuff and things ... everything telling me to give up and what not but i dont see whats left to give up. I consider the website "daylight"-stuff but i needed login/registration + character creation to work to continue on the client properly so, even if it doesnt really do all the mods derived from the selection at creation (which is minimal , maybe comparable to mount & blade but less even, despite the fact that the char itself is like half to 3/4 of a page of stats in a var_dump but thats the thing : i want the game to NOT show numbers on a character ... a bold and daring concept i presume, but i still believe : if anyone or more like it enough for the game itself, wikis will get born like quantum foam and if not then it doesnt matter since : its not a product ) I noticed something there, a new post from Davey on the development of Phaser 4 (i assume not backward compatible as to "how its done" but the thing is : instead of growing in bulk like php or stuff would (they have no choice b/c you cant force ppl to upgrade their servers or code i guess) phaser gets slimmer and performs better, to those who are willing to start on v4 and dump v3 that is :) and the others can work with v3 (and i think v2 if they like) all the same, whatever tickles fancy , its literally 'your choice' and i noticed something else, Davey and Thorbjorn there, they're soloists ... not a team , heh (like King and Rawling i suppose) but i'm dawdling and also elaborating on stuff thats not the game, anyway ... the witching hour works for me, its really sad some part of the world thinks i should just re-work myself into their timezones, blocking it a lot... but mh ... keep it game ... keep it game. And with that its morning by now , not half as where i wanted to but somewhere further ... its really nice to work with i cant wait to get the beggarmoney to buy the shadercollection . As for the rest, with phaser 4 coming up it seems a bit silly to even do one letter on the site or minigames until i know how much i need to change.
  6. Blüming, 30 : nekwervels are telling me for hours to stop BUT i'm not sure why they do that like that but after moving loops and hoops for over an hour i find that definig a=b=c=0 for some reason changes the value of a to the value of c in javascript when the value of c is filled in . . . (??!?) i thought it was just a short way of writing (since in parsed lingo and http downloads bytevolume counts and such, which is why you get -min-versions and stuff but im still not convinced or maybe im confusing it and its not like that in php, whereas in the dark basic it cant even be written like that , and perl is so long ago i dont remember. But it works .. at the cost of seeing daylight, risking my mental health and probably being broken until tuesday it works, yes (yay!)
  7. Blüming, 30 : well now, if microsoft says "we like RUST" i guess that's a no-go seeing as they have the worst, slowest, heaviest operating system in the universe that takes about 30 minutes to boot into something that can move but that aside .. i cant say im new to javascript anymore but the this and the that ... where i first didnt see that a button was attached to the button that created it instead of the scene containing all i now find myself in full daylight with an issue where i call something by the name of 'caste' and it gets me an object i defined as 'age' with all the values stored in 'age' BUT - i get no errors - it just addresses the other one and I DONT GET IT :) ... i can fix it by acting normal but its ofcourse not nice to not get it ...
  8. Blüming, 30 : because of the increased pressure with lockdown eased my focus is dissolving so things arent really going forward since a week or two but its mostly on character generation site-wise and otherwise the client. As for the current soap-drama on planet Crypton. I dont think i need to explain myself but ... the account in questions traces back to someone who has been on Steemit since august 2016. How all the articles and newssites speak about "origin unknown" is a riddle to me as its right there (its what they call a public ledger ... so *no comment* ) ,however i have seen Steem-Engine tokens disappearing, vanishing into thin air and i have not seen any re-funds in my wallet , not one promille steem actually. So i take it, its a nice excuse at the moment to take the money and run and blame it on the bad guys but, opinion aside, that does not agree with my wallet and my money and since i'm not here to fight someone else fight ... i am selling all tipu tokens and will switch what i get from that to delegation back to tipu, as i am absolutely not dis-satisfied with tipu but the idea of Steem-Engine upping one day and deciding its time to cash out with zero guarantee that i get anything back has been nagging me for a few weeks. I was hoping to keep delegation strictly to players who play with steem wallets later but i need the passive. There's a whole lot of legal Belgium around here (belgium) i can not just scam myself into existence like twitter or something, startup, make NO money for a decade while getting paid and then sell out for billions is just not possible here. Elder-Triffid moves is just not happening here. Basically what i CAN is CREATE and open it up free to play and then accept grants like patreon "as long as im not selling anything" .. believe it or not , but thats how it is, unless i get lotsa money to start making money and with this that is not going to be 1-2-3 ... hence and thats about it since my personal opinion on the current situation is a bit sharper but thats all so far above my head it doesn't matter. The game will be developped anyway, instead of steem-exclusive it will have "crypto-wallet-as-an-option" (if there's anything left of any of it by then) and we'll see. It's not a product after all, im not searching the market to see what the hot buns are, its something i *want to do* , as alien as that might sound here ... thats what it is. gud ... so the tipu delegation will be circular reinvested until i deem it enough, as for the rest voting is voting and when the game is the game i shall see what i'll see and decide what i'll decide :) ... and to the few people who have been regularly voting without almost ever missing a beat : THANK S A LOO O O O O O OT , i hope i wont disappoint when i release in 2150 ... (i always see 2150 ...) its not really a joke, earlier today i saw the gameplay trailer for Baldurs Gate 3 (nostalgia really , used to play that for hella-lots with an old friend on LAN at my house when the world was young) and read up some about it .. they basically received the franchise from wizards of the coast in 2017 ... now its 2020 and they plan to move into early access . Now here we are talking a complete development studio , backed with WOTC-money (and the wizards DO have a dollar or two) with experienced people who already put out several games (Divinity a.o. which is pretty well known) and its three years in the making ... so this is me, myself and i, i think 2150 is a realistic estimate ;-) , but we'll see what we'll see when we see it. Ik dank u voor uwwwaandacht ... mh , not much to say because i only just found out that bit and its irrelevant , theres a ton of factors pushing stuff in all directions and then there was this pandemic thing too (which , from what i see outside is completely over ... but i missed the memo on that)
  9. Blüming, 27 : after some sound and actual advice it actually seems like a practical idea to completely remove personal opinion, issues and business from the game-site and that's what's going to happen from here . Might be a tough cookie at first (for me it is) but im just gonna have to b/c i wanna (now at least grins).

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