Player Characters podcast #10 | Lead writer on Hitman Michael Vogt

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Writing is a craft and you should study it | Michael Vogt lead writer on Hitman


Michael Vogt lead writer for the Hitman series



Learn the craft. Go to school. It's a craft, you gotta learn it.
It's a tough industry now, and if you're really serious about not just writing games but any part of the of the gaming process I say go school.

Get an education in games that's probably the best advice.
Because that's how the game is now, you don't just stumble into the industry because you know a guy.


Michael actually never pictured himself as a games writer, and he started his career focusing on movie with a degree in film and media science.

He was involved in making music videos as a way to get to do movies, but ended up writing on Hitman Absolution through a friend.

Through that experience he discovered that games and Hitman in particular could actually be the medium to tell the kind of stories that he liked.

And even though Michael actually says that he doesn't really have any advice for aspiring writers, he clearly has a lot to say about games and writing.

We also talk about how our imagination works for us, and how games as a medium is very well suited to take advantage of that. And how stories in games have gotten better and more complex in AAA titles as well as indie games.



Hitman Absolution

Another World

Full Throttle

The Last of Us

The Walking Dead

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Thimbleweed Park

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void


Doki Doki Litterature Club

This War of Mine



The Dark Knight Returns

The Walking Dead (comic)

The Uncanny Valley


Aaron Sorkin

Woody Allen

Neil Druckmann

Ron Gilbert

Tim Schafer


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