Best game releases on Steam 09/29

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The daily highlights. Check this list out and get to know what really matters.

You should miss out today

So many awful releases. We've got nothing to get our hopes up. I'll still do a list, but a miserable one at that.

Test versions of prototypes of a demo project what

Games with a big map and one enemy all over it and well nothing else.

Smart FactoryCat Demon IslandSpacecraft WarDragon valleyIsland Survival

Chinese only

Well, I, uh, I don't know, really. Maybe?

中国式家长 / Chinese Parents - Nono’s magic general shop


This is trending like hell lately. They usually don't have any porn in them despite the pornographic names.

Bikini Heaven - Hentai Epic Puzzles - HotPuzzle:Grils ("Grils"? Really?)

The best game of the day... a mobile port. Antiquitas

Weep with me :(

Thank you for reading!


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A sad day for Steam indeed...

One of the worst!

I've bought some ero games lately though... But they aren't jigsaws, lol

Those are great.

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