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RE: Operations that laid the Groundwork for Operation Mockingbird! Project Paperclip which was First Known as Project Overcast

After the war we had two choices, we could recruit all these weapons experts to come work on weapons for us or we could let the Soviets have them and make weapons for them. It was a great decision for the most part, the only reason we went to the moon was Nazis, the proof is that after Von Braun retired we never went again. One bad side effect is that they also recruited germ warfare scientists and put them to work on germ warfare in the US, the Nazis were weaponizing ticks as biological weapons. We continued that work at a facility called Plum Island right off the coast of Lyme, NY, and now we have Lyme disease. I don't think it was an intentional release though.


The Japanese weaponized insects as well. Operation Cherry Blossom at Night by Shirō Ishii. We wouldn't want the kiddies playing Fortnite to know that but, we teach them the lie about smallpox blankets.

Anything white American men do or have done is evil.

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