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The Kolab community motto is: “Do it right or not at all”.

Kolab is customizable.

Kolab is a fully customizable system for teams to securely manage email, calendars, contacts, tasks, files and a whole lot more. The customization is unique in that it allows admins to mix and match between private, hybrid or public cloud. Kolab Enterprise provides you all options, with full support. This means you have the option of paying for a fully hosted account or you can host it yourself. The really interesting thing about Kolab is that you can also choose services to self host and which ones you would like to have hosted for you.

The Deployment Guide shows you some of the options you have in customizing your specific deployment.

Is Kolab for me?

Kolab server runs on most major Linux distributions, but the development team recommends CentOS or RedHat. I have been running it for years on an Ubuntu install at home with no trouble at all. A simple single server for my little SOHO was a fairly straight forward install, but if you want to serve more than a dozen or so people, you will probably want to a custom redundant install which may take an expert to do properly. You do have the choice.

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Interesting I'll be sure to look a bit more into this. Might be useful in my line of work. Followed.


Awesome. Thanks for the follow!

I'm currently doing a series of these technologies on this blog. Some of the ones I highlighted recently also have voice and video, and features like forums. They are also much more decentralized.

My next looks is going to be at OwnCloud and it's fork NextCloud, which are actually pretty similar to Kolab, but no where near as customizable in terms of install for various user base numbers.

After I have exhausted the projects I can find, I plan to do a full comparison and review, but that might be a while ;)