Open Science announcements in Lille, France

in openscience •  5 months ago

French version of this post here.

The Open Science is under the highlights in Lille today. Indeed, the University of Lille hosts the annual conference of the LIBER association of European research libraries and the keynote talk has been given by Frédérique Vidal, French minister of higher education, research and innovation. Pr. Vidal announced the national plan for open science in 3 axes: generalize open access to publications, structure and open research data, and take part of a durable European and international movement.
The French research universities (regrouped in the CURIF) also announced their plan for open science yesterday to reinforce the national plan.
The University of Lille is also a strong supporter of open science with the opening of its institutional open archive next September (strongly linked with the HAL national open archive) and the implication of several of its members in the open science committee that was announced as part of the national plan.

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