Steemit openmic week 73: Lonely Shepherd (Instrumental)

in #openmic4 years ago (edited)

Hi steemian...I really love this song... especially when we listen it at night...very nostalgic...I try to sustain the melody line on nylon guitar but it's seem quite hard... woodwind or bamboo flute will make this song very soothing and bring us the the another universe...I just try my best to play it on guitar... hopefully you'll will like it.

Banner Steem-Music (1000x400) (1).jpg


Thanks very much... really appreciate that.

Very shahdu..upvoted

ada macam mahligai syahdu ke sifu mior :)

Lovely! Great job.

tq sir...i watch your video

very nice bro!!

you teach me this song...cant you remember that :)

hahaha u joking right bro?? I don't remember la lol! anyway I think I thought u well hahaha!!

Beautiful playing.


thank you very much sir...

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