Steemit Open Mic week 87 — "My way" cover by me @Yourmercury

in #openmic2 years ago

Good day everyone ! Good day @soundlegion, @verbal-d @Luzcypher @krystle and all in the open mic community.. It has been a long time since I contested here on the Open mic. I at first was facing exams and I could not get me an instrumentalist and then I fell sick having serious sore throat for a very long time. So I am back and I miss you all. I'm still recovering though as I still have a sore throat.
I hope you enjoy it


To enter Steemit Open Mic please follow the rules. Thank you.

This is not a karaoke contest. It says right in the rules.

  • Live musical performances only specifically made for this contest. A musical instrument must be played in your performance.

I know you know this so you must have forgot.

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