🎵 Steemit Open Mic Week 98 - “Ho'Oponopono” Traditional Medicine Song

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This classic Hawaiian medicine song is an expression of gratitude, forgiveness, and love. In my family, it's been transformative! I imagine there are many ways to sing this song. Traditionally, we sing the rounds 10 times each.

Thanks to the open mic community for extending your warm welcome to me. This is my second entry, although you've probably noticed me singing with @cabelindsay these past few weeks–it's our fifth entry in a row! We're happy to be singing together, and we hope to continue to grow through this mode of creative expression.

I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. [10x]

Ho'Oponopono [10x]


With heart,



I love your voice, @wildfamily. You inspire me each and every time we sing together.

I love ya'lls material ;9)

Awe ❤ Nice! Well done you two 🌸❤ 💏❤🌸

Thank you, sister. Such a cute emoji you've discovered here: 💏. :)

What a beautiful performance!! The music is definitely magical and I love your song! Congratulations, I really wish you all the best this week! Greetings from Venezuela.

Aw, thank you. I really enjoy your performance on this week's open mic too, you know. You've got such a lovely voice. Makes me happy seeing you Venezuelans so active here on Steemit.

Mucho amor, hermana.

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Sounds great, thanks! I appreciate your upvote and resteem.

hermosa canción ustedes son muy espirituales y maravillosos, esta canción es bonita.

Thanks so much, brother. I recognize you from @cabelindsay's Vision Quest ( #svq ), and I honor the artist you are.

Muchas gracias, hermano. Te reconozco de @cabelindsay's Vision Quest ( #svq ), y honro al artista que eres.

Lovelyyy [10x] guys


This is a song the whole world needs to sing to one another right around now...
Loved it!

Thanks for saying so. We feel the same! Sure feels good to sing it.

what a beautiful song and guitar and voice :)

start following you two guys :)