Open Mic Week #99 [dtube] - Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley (Guitar cover)

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Hey Steemians/Dtube,

I haven't played for open mic in a while!
But lately I've experimented with livestream singing :)
And because I was doing that I wanted to practice more for a video. It's much harder getting it right for a video for a contest ;)
I practiced a few times and in different ways and in the end this one was the best style.
Hope you like my rendition for it!

Thank you for listening and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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▶️ DTube

Thank you ❤️❤️

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good thing dtube finally decided to let thumbnails work again. sorry for double-posting for you. at least this way you got your entry into the open mic contest on time. seriously, it was the worst time possible for dtube and/or IPFS to have issues. i have noticed that I'm just expecting there to be network issues as of late ... not a good sign

btw thanks for letting me pick the thumbnail 😍

Sorry this was a duplicate dtube upload as it was having some problems last night.

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At least you arrived on time. regards