Steemit OpenMic Week 78 - My Guitar-HandPan Experimentation

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Hey! It's been a very long time since I made an entry for openmic, the last one was week 39, so... Here it is!

I'm trying to experiment for the first time a Loop on the guitar with some HandPan Solo. Let me know what you think. It's a lot of pleasure for me, and a good way to start the day with a bit of meditation and relaxation. So I had to share it with you.

"First take, unedited, to keep it real/pure" :-)

I hope you'll enjoy!

Have a good day. <3

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Awesome! My son and I really enjoyed this. Great little tune for just sitting and playing on the fly. What is the instrument called that you used for the hand beats? That is a neat lil' contraption. Always enjoy brother. Be well!

Hey StillWater, I'm happy you enjoyed that in family. This instrument is called with many names: Hang Drum - HandPan - Gubal - BlessPan - Asashan. Depends the model. It was created in Switzerland by a couple, named PanArt.

Cheers my bro'!

That was mega cool man. When you started playing the UFO? Damn son :)

Yeah, haha, the alien pan. Thank you my friend!

You are an amazing musician and artist!
That Hand Pan so awesome! It is kind of a rare instrument huh? I don't see them that often. The sounds makes me think of the beaches of Thailand!! hahah :)

Thank you Acromott, it means a lot coming from an artist like you.

Haha yes, it's really difficult to find these. I got it from a friend that knew personally the creator. You have to apply like for a job to get one. ^^ Yes it has quite a tropical sound.

You are becoming an orchestra! I love the way you incorporate the handpan with the guitar loop. Its such a cool looking instrument and you play so intuitively. Beautiful and pure!

Es bueno verte de vuelta amigo @troilo. espero no estes pasando mucho frío en tu país.

Thanks! ;)

You play a pretty guitar music, really charming.
Awesome your guitar hand @troilo

Thank you. :)

You are welcome @troilo

Hello my friend! I was just thinkin' of you the other day and was wondering where you are and what you're up to!?! I see your last post was about 4 months ago? No worries as we all take breaks and find other adventures along the way! I know I do! I hope all is well and I'll see you when you decide to return! Peace and love brother!

really amazing man... you are too good 👍

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Hey man, I think the rules for openmic say that it has to be youtube. I want you to win brotha so passing along the info haha. Infinite Lovewaves.

Hey thank you my friend, I changed that! ;)

the first time I see an instrument like that. the sound it emits is very beautiful.
excellent, I'm not a musician but I like music. and you make a excellet jobs

I really want one of those amazing sounding things - openmic entries have introduced me to the handpan. Good recording :)

hi man, your music is very nice to hear, keep singing songs like this
you are very entertaining us with your voice ..
always success @troilo

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Hey, I didn't know I had to add a youtube link too! I just added it, I hope it's okay now! Thank you.

You sound really good.

Thanks for adding it. Yes, it is right there in the rules.


This is awesome. I love that you are looping your acoustic guitar! Did you just mic it and use a loop peddle? Excited to see more keep it up - following you!

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Thank you a lot Alessia, and welcome to Steemit I guess! :)

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Thank you!