Steemit Openmic Week 90 - The Deeper You Go (Original)

in openmic •  7 months ago

Massive thanks to the hard working team who are putting this Openmic together each week, shouts to luzcypher and all the team and the support from the people who tune in every week to listen to the artists. Thank you all for being a kind and nurturing community.

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Hey man Nice Track!
Give me a bit of that warmth, it's winter here in South Africa !


Does it get cold in South Africa during winter?


A little bit, nothing like in US or EU but still quite cold especially at night!

It's awfully hot here too today.. middle Tennessee in middle June.. might as well be July. I really love your song and your vibe. It put me in a good mood and I really really needed that right now! Thank you!! ♥ - serena


Thank you for stopping by, i'm happy I helped to put you in a good mood, Hope you have plenty more good moods too haha!