Steemit Open Mic Week 94 - Rocky Racoon

in #openmic3 years ago

Kinda flustered so excuse me...
Hahaha what a chore this turned out to be!

Rocky Racoon, absolutly great song and lots of fun to play but when your rushing around at the end of a productive day trying to squeeze in a performance because its the only chance you will have this week, things get stressful.

Ok so first note I do say Openmic week 94 at the start but then go on to say week 93 again after making a point! Darn it!

My mind was scattered.

This is an honest performance to say the least. I am just learning the song and some of the lyrics may get a little out of hand, I love the song and what better way to learn it than to get up on stage and belt it out... Tune in this time next year and I'll re-do it to see if I have improved.

Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for your patience hahaha


thanks, its now up there as one of my fave songs, Do you know the original sang by Paul McCartney?

Great rendition, brother!

thanks, i'm glad you think so, I'm normally a one take guy but I think with this one I had a lot of trouble getting the lyrics right and that talking intro kept throwing me off. On this take I just got through it, with mistakes. Great song though to have fun with singing, can't wait to rock it at a party for the owld Beatles fans! haha

You are a male star, you have style when playing the guitar and singing, congratulations!!

Wow I like it it's really awesome work u r doing great job

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