Voices of Open Mic: My Take

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Hey Steem!

I'm here, and I'm excited to give my 10-minute reflection of my time here on openmic. I've been here since Week 2, and it is amazing to see how this contest has evolved. I missed some great shout-outs in the video...I even missed the Steem Birds! There are so many I missed...but you are all in my GOOD TIMES for sure. Hope you all enjoy. Cheers!

I'm back to work tomorrow. Have a great end to the weekend!

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Hey mate couldn't agree more with you on the record on your phone part, I still tend to favour the rougher versions than the polished ones for this reason alone.

I'm a dodgy commentor lol, but I realised I probably hadn't shared my thoughts on your music with you - I just wanted to say your entries are always so jam packed with emotions, you feel the music and it is always a pleasure to hear and see your entries!

I am also with the other judges in, I think you beat me to Open Mic as well - I had been listening along a while before I entered myself and just like you, it was something I just wanted to be a part of.

Your part of the original Open Mic family - much love, keep on sharing your soul through your music mate <3

Really appreciate it. You have been around for a long time and I am guilty of the same with commenting but I appreciate everything you have provided for open mic as well. I will keep a closer eye on your picks each week. Keep up the great work. Much respect. Thanks for stopping by.

Felman we love you!!!! wooot you been here whole time I have, weeks before me... love the little riff add in there.. just started talking with your guitar

That is how I roll! Gotta be ready to break it down at any second. Thanks for the support all along. It hasn’t been great having you here on Steem! Keep the fire coming.

You've been here since the beginning and we appreciate all your music.


Voices Of Open Mic --- by @luzcypher

Feels good to hear that from you. It’s been a fun journey. Respect for keeping this party going!

The post is very good and gives a lot of inspiration. You look so happy and happy. Okay, hopefully more successful for the future @tfeldman 👍👍👍

Thank you! Best of luck for you as well!

Thank you @tfeldman ... I watched your video up and the guitar game is quite eccentric/interesting attention :) 👍👍

I totally love @brimax as well he rocks it up and down that guy is awesome

That was awesome, Doc! Loved your laid back approach and weaving in your music on-the-fly! Looking forward to what you're dropping in week 74! Much love, brother!

Already dropped the track for this week. It’s hard not to play when I had the guitar in hand. If you are holding a guitar, you better be playing it! Respect man. Really liked your video as well.

Fyi thanks for the update and Spunky post. I've been following Open Mic for some time and enjoy the great music that comes from it

Thanks for checking my post out. Indeed, open mic is where it is at!

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