Open Mic Week 98: Spanish Harlem Incident

in #openmic6 years ago

Hey Steemers!

Hope everyone has been well! I'm back for the Week 98 to sing a cover of "Spanish Harlem Incident" by the one and only, Bob Dylan. 

I just got some new strings for my good old guitar. Nothing like the ring of some fresh new strings. Shout out to the open mic people! Bring on the music! 

Hope everyone is having a nice week.


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Good to see you again. I was listening to some Dylan today and made me think of you. Sounds great, man.

Don't you just love new strings?


Thanks man! I hate not posting weekly but the work life is making me quite exhausted. Dylan never gets old because if you listen to another decade of his music it is fluid change...always transforming but still with a Dylan edge. New strings just make you want to play more haha.

Hope life is well. Very proud that open mic is getting close to Week 100!!!

Hi congrants!! lovely voice

Much thanks! It’s good to be back!

Nice, Doc!

Thanks passion. Always good to be hanging out on open mic!

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