Open Mic Week 90: I'll Keep It With Mine

in #openmic6 years ago (edited)

Hey Steem Folk,

It's been quite awhile, but I'm back. I couldn't miss Week 90! I saw this contest take sail from the beginning, and it is stronger than ever! I have been gone for a few months, mostly due to my intense work schedule. A break can be good for the creative mind as well haha.

I broke my guitar string awhile back and realized that it is too late to get a guitar string. I even tried Wallmart and Best Buy with no luck

Oh, well...

Today, I am back, playing with a five-stringed guitar haha, with a cover by Bob Dylan . This song is called "I'll Keep it with Mine." It was never released on an album but is classic never the less!

Hope all my Steem friends are well. I'm back!

Feel free to follow for more posts on music/health/science/travel/ and more

I am a medical doctor finishing up my first year of residency.



Ahhh Brother "T" is back in the game! Nice👍

Getting the dust off the old guitar! Feels good to be back man!

Welcome back! I can imagine that you have been busy, with doing the residency and all.

I think I may have heard this song before. You did a nice job with it! :)

Thanks man! Yeah it’s been an intense few months. Steem is always around the bend though!

We've missed you so much. So glad to see you back. Strings? We don't need no fucking string!

Stings are so over rated. So three months ago! Hope the Yucatán is treating you well my friend!

Nice, Doc! Nothing lost without the high-E... ha-ha... Cool tune and rendition, man!

Missed you passion. I got this cool riff I’ve gotta make into a song at some point!

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