Open Mic Week 75: Chela Avenue

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Hey Steem People,

Back with one that I'm pretty excited about. A few years back there was a cool app called Jam that was pretty popular (at least relatively). It essentially was an app where you sing into your phone and the app would create music to go with your vocal tune. I found a lot of good artists on there, and we found a glitch in the app which let us record our acoustic stuff without backing music.

We would often share original tunes. There was one guy on there called "Iamtim" who wrote this song called "Chela Avenue". In the comments section he said he played this on the 7th fret. Since I have gotten better at guitar, I can just sort of hear the chords when I hear music now. So I decided to try to reproduce this song with my own folk style incorporated.

I will try to reach out to him, and if I could get him on Steem that would be sweet! If he gets on here, I'll share half of this reward on the post. However, I don't think he has used the app in a couple years, and I don't know his actual name. Anyway, I wanted to promote this song because he wrote a damn good one. Let me know what you guys think!

Feel free to follow for more posts on music/health/science/travel/and more!

Have a great start to the week!


Wow, Doc! I love this song, man! You did an incredible job rendering what you could from comment threads and the like. Perhaps the best guitar and vocals I've heard from you yet, brother! It shows just how much you love this song - as now I do too! Nice, doc!

I know this song is just like one of those you just need a beer and good times. Appreciate the feedback. I need to start doing more capo songs. My guitar really sings with the capo.

Hi mate. You was the one who introduced me on steemit. I meet you time ago on casino.

Hope everything is good with u man. And hope you still active here with us all.

Have a good day / weekend / life mate! :)

Glad you are still on man! steem is rollin! Burstcoin became a pretty dark place. I m usually very active but life is busy! I’m on a week vacation now so may try to post some soon!

Enjoy your week vacation man. I quited burst time ago, so yeah i imagine right now things are a bit darker, cause when i was in things was darker already.

Hope to have news from u soon mate, enjoy ur things and take care! :))

Great sounding guitar.


Thanks brother!

That is such a great sounding guitar! You play it well also haha. Good stuff man!

Thanks! It’s a Seagull guitar with a cedar top which gives it a beautiful ring on the high notes. Guitar strings are old so the sound has much more potential than here haha.

Very nice music tfeldman.

thanks! I had a lot of fun on this one

great music @tfeldman.
thanks for sharing.

Appreciate it. Thanks!

amazing soong!!!! good voice <3

Thanks! I thought it would be a fun one to share

This is awesome man, for how long you practice?

Didn’t have to practice much. I don’t practice, I play haha. Thanks for watching.

You didn't practice before playing 🤔

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