Open Mic Week 74: Needle and the Damage Done

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Hey Steemers!

Back as usual. This time I'm back with a cover by Neil Young called, "Needle and the Damage Done". A masterpiece...if I may say so! A beautifully crafted song by incorporating the D-chord shape into multiple chords and bass melodies. It is simple, yet complex in tones. A song about the damage that heroin did to the music community.

I did this song as a warm up to open mic over a year ago, but decided to make it an actual open mic submission this week! Hope everyone enjoys. Lyrics provided. Cheers! Have a great week

I caught you knockin'
at my cellar door
I love you, baby,
can I have some more
Ooh, ooh, the damage done.

I hit the city and
I lost my band
I watched the needle
take another man
Gone, gone, the damage done.

I sing the song
because I love the man
I know that some
of you don't understand
to keep from running out.

I've seen the needle
and the damage done
A little part of it in everyone
But every junkie's
like a settin' sun.

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Excellent choice of tunes brother, as usual !

Thanks Jaybird. Original or cover...I’m just going to keep laying them down!

Hey you! Love Neil Young, awesome cover :)
My brother finally made it. I know. I know. Haha.

Long time no see. That is awesome I will check them out. Glad you liked the cover!

Very nice singing and playing! I remember this song but haven't heard it in years. I enjoyed your version of it!

Thanks for stopping by man! It was fun to put together. A true classic indeed.

This is so excellent, Doc! Nice one, brother!

Right back at you brother!

One of my favourite Neil Young songs ever!

You've done it justice. Yours is a much darker version with the tone of your vocals.

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You are right. I guess mine did turn out darker. With the lyrics I felt it was appropriate hah. Thanks for listening!

hurray !! very cool and we really enjoy it, steady !!!

Thanks for the support!

Sounds great. Keep up the good work. :)

Appreciate it. Always good to dig out some Neil Young tunes!

Magnificent selection of tunes sibling, of course !Excellent Once Your Posts, I trust you can like my entries and upvote my record as well.Thank you in particular.

Excellent Once Your Posts, I hope you can like my submissions and upvote my account as well.Thank you very much.

Thanks for watching.

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