Open Mic Week 72: No Name # 2

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Hey Steem Folk ,

Back again for Week 72! For a third consecutive week, I'm performing an Elliot Smith cover called "No Name # 2." This is off his first album in 1994 called "Roman Candle"

The guitar parts for his songs are quite complex, and it is great practice for anyone trying to improve their guitar skills/ideas for chords. The bridge in this song is BIG TIME.

Hope everyone enjoys, have a safe week out there!

Concrete hands picked up the telephone ring
"Do you know who you're talking to?"
"No, and I don't care who"
She whispered quiet terrbile news
He didn't give a hoot
Said, "Do what you have to do"

All she had to do was speak
Mouthpiece to cheek
"Please say no more
I'm lying here on the ground
A strip of wet concrete"
Her name was just a broken sound
A stutter step you hear when you're falling down

Killing time won't stop this crime
Killing time won't stop this crime
Killing time won't stop this crime

You better start watching what message that you send now
No more situations, I only go in to be kicked out
He got knocked down leaving like he ran into a clothesline
And remembered a couple of words that hid a crime
"You're just fine
You'll be just fine
But I'm on the other line"

Killing time won't stop this crime
Killing time won't stop this crime
Killing time won't stop this crime

(I've heard that it is "Killing time, won't stop this that is how I played it)

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You did it once, and you did it right! Nice, Doc!

Thanks passion! I screamed my lungs out with passion on that one. That bridge is intense.

Nice performance bro, very passionate and motivating, I was just about to tell you to To what you Gotta Do to get rid of all those tiny flies buzzing around your guitar and your face until I realized it was a video setting haha

Thanks for watching man! Yeah I really liked the color of the setting. You are right it looks like flies! I played my heart. Always good to hear from you!

love the filter on the video. great stuff @tfeldman huge love to you from this end

Thanks! The sound seemed to go in an out a bit but I liked the color of the filter. I’m going to have to think hard for this week!


Hmm .. A beautiful song and very touching soul. Send regards for success @tfeldman 👍👍👌👌

Thanks! Appreciate it.

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