Open Mic Week 69: Highway 61

in #openmic6 years ago (edited)

Hey Steemers!

Back for another round of Open Mic! It's good to see this community keep growing. I'm continuing on a journey through time; next stop is, well, right where we left off, 1962. This one is called "Highway 51" from Bob Dylan's self titled album. I believe the original song was by Cutis Jones (at least credit has been given to him). It is a bluesy/folksy masterpiece. Hope everyone enjoys.

Have a great end to the weekend!

Feel free to follow for more posts on music/health/science/travel/and more. I am a family medicine resident. It feels good to be a doctor in the great state of Indiana.


@tfeldman you know im a fan baby!! god i love you

Haha it’s been a fun time playing on the steem platform. Thanks for always checking out my songs, means a lot! I just started using musicoin!

haha definitly your heart and soul poured into it! Nice one.

Everyday! Gotta pour emotion! Thanks for watching.

Wow, that is not an easy song to sing or play and you nailed it!!

Thanks! Just tried to bring the heat!


Hello Friend. nice music

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