Open Mic Week 67: You're No Good

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Hey Open Mic Fans!

I'm back after 28 days from posting my last Open Mic session! I was here from the start and missing 3 open mics in a row is never the plan. I got back from Colombia last Sunday and it was a blast!

Tonight, I decided to play Bob Dylan's first song on his first album, self titled "Bob Dylan." The song is called "You're No Good," originally written by Jesse Fuller. It is a very fun song to play, and I just learned it. It is short and sweet, but powerful all the same. Hope you enjoy!

I have to work this weekend, but I still wish everyone a great weekend haha!

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Great to hear this, i haven't listened to that first album for a while but I love it. Never made the connection with Jesse Fuller, but now you mention it its obvious. Welcome back :)

I wonder if Dylan thought hard about his first song to be put on an album of if he was just like, "yeah...this will do" haha. Thanks for the continued support man! It's good to be playin' the ol' time tunes. Something more real about them and the passion is 10-fold!

I like your cover of a cover! I had not heard this song before but I like the tempo and structure. Nice little blues song about a bad woman. Welcome back to Open Mic and have a great weekend at work!

It’s good to be back man! Glad you liked the tune. Always good to jam out some Dylan material!

Good to hear you again. Welcome back from Columbia and great way to come back with some Dylan.


A month away from open mic feels like an eternity. Good to be back, brother. The trip was awesome. Hope you had a good one. Thanks for stopping by and listening to all the submissions as always. So much energy in the chord changes!

@tfeldman you are awesome and your back wooo love it

Thank you! Good to be back for some open mic!

Welcome back, Doc & Happy New Year!

Thanks man haven’t heard from you in awhile. Hope your New Year is going well. It’s good to be back on the open mic sessions!

Nice @tfeldman..
your photo is very good @tfeldman, I really like your posting itu.pantas your photo was in like many people.

Follow me @muyassir

One of the catchiest tunes, knew a gal like this, following yew

rock on man. Missed this comment ! Following you too.

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