Open Mic Week 14: I'm In The Mood

in openmic •  2 years ago

Hey Steemers!

I just got back from Las Vegas and had a wonderful time celebrating the New Year. It was also great to find out that I won 3rd in this contest. Thanks all for the support and for the great musical talent this/last week.

This week I am playing one of my favorite blues songs I'm in The Mood by John Lee Hooker. I am also doing a little improv towards the end and my version has a little different flavor. 

Hope all enjoy!

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I saw Jonny Lee Hooker a couple weeks before he died. He was so old that someone had to help him on and off the stage and he could only play one lick the whole night, but man, he played that one lick so well I could have listened to him play it for hours.


Man, that must have been awesome! That guy really felt the blues because he lived the blues. He was illiterate, but that never got in his way! Thanks for sharing.

good performance @tfeldman


Thanks man! I've been off the scene for a week or so. Looked through your health blog and really appreciate your information on metabolic syndrome. Look forward to more!


thnx man , glad you are back
see you around man

i love it sooo much ... was totally groovin with ya. big ups


Thank you. I'm glad it brought on the groove. I dig your week 14 song as well, and original!

Nice blues cover. I really wish I was in the country lands on a galloping horse making my way through the clearings into a meadow and just enjoying the nature scenes and sweet scents of the vegetation. This song, although blues, gives me a feel good warm essence. I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck to your entry. Upvoted


Thanks very much for painting this picture for me. I enjoy the blues. This is definetly a positive blues vibe haha!


You're welcome, and who doesn't love the blues and it's authenticity, keep up the nice vibes