OPEN MIC WEEK 39: Primordial Thinking original song

in openmic •  last year

This is the 3rd song of my little "collection" named Ego Death: I recorded the tune some years ago and I finished it 2 months ago (I am 20 now). Tell me what you think :)

If you would like to know what the collection talks about or if you want to listen to the other songs, you can click here: EGO DEATH
Thank you for your support.


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Good job on the performance. This tune really reminds me of something one of those guitar tapping guys might make, minus the tapping of course.

Cool drop D vibes

Who doesn't love dropped D!!

Hi tamersliver , great song , I will be glad if you listen to my songs. thanks . I followed you.


Sure I will! I'll make you know what I think about them :)

Nice. I like the combination of funky, chunky riffs and nylon string textures.

Dude your compositions are amazing, I would buy Ego Death on CD if it's available? It's cool as fuck! I need to get a decent classical guitar, they're so much warmer and smoother to play.. Nice work man.


Thank you :) unfortunately I still didn't record the tunes in a studio, but I would like to do it :) for the moment I am happy with some appreciations like yours, it is rally important for me!
Yeah, classic guitar is really funny to play!