Steemit Open Mic Week 46 "Make You Feel My Love" (cover)

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Hi there fellow open mic-ers and live music on Steemit enthusiasts,

Well, it's Steemit open mic wk 46 already and firstly I must thank @luzcypher and @pfunk for keeping this brilliant platform going. It must involve a lot of work and dedication to maintain it in the orderly fashion we see. Secondly big thanks to @steemreports for the very useful tools they have created for use on this platform. I for one find it a lot easier to check out the open mic "spots" in as they are posted (well, more or less). So very well done all! Finally, my life is musically much the richer for this weekly event and I am hearing some pretty diverse material of which I may never have been aware, were it not for the Steemit open mic weeks, so a big thumbs up and as always, all the best to the many and varied contributors.

My contribution this week is an intrumental cover of the fabulous "Make You Feel My Love" (written by Bob Dylan) and covered by a good many famous vocalists the world over including Adele, Garth Brooks, Billy Joel and Trisha Yearwood. My better half suggested it might make a good piece for the pedal steel guitar.

Due to the mechanical nature of the steel guitar, it makes one or two clunky noises (or maybe it's just the way I play it!) so I have DI'd (direct injection) it, along with a bit of acoustic guitar, recorded by me earlier.

So here it is, "Make You Feel My Love" on the pedal steel guitar and I hope you enjoy it.


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Such a lovely melodic rendition, flowing with the singing pedal steel tone.
It went straight into my heart. I totally enjoyed your performance @steelygeoff.

Thank you so much for your kind comments. 👍

My pleasure @steelygeoff. More pedal steel, please.

You are a master of your craft Sir. Great sound. It really gets me in a very mellow and happy mood. You have quite a set up there. Keep laying them out for us to hear.

Peace !!!

Gosh, thank you very much for the wonderful comments there. I can honestly say, the enjoyment I get from playing is almost unique but when there are comments like yours and others on the open mic platform, it takes that enjoyment to a new level entirely! 👍😉

That thing gives off a nice sound wow. Great work!!

Thank you, your comment is greatly appreciated. 👍

Great man!, love it!, you should try to point the camera so we can also see your feet playing the pedals, this is such a great sounding instrument and interesting to watch... Or maybe using 2 cameras to watch all the action...

Thank you my friend. I suspect my wife would instruct me to buy a new pair of shoes if I were to show my feet! 😂😂😂 Seriously, that is not a bad idea and I might consider it for a future number. 👍

Lush! I could listen to that all night. Love the pedal steel sound. Great choice of song and lovely playing. Top of the pops! :-)

Thanks mate. 👍

What a beautiful SOUND!! :) :) :) Another amazing musical masterpiece Geoff! Thank you so much for sharing your Art with us.

Thank you for listening and the kind comments here and elsewhere! 😊

Ooh I love the tone you are getting here. Man the pedal steel just gives me chills. Such a beautiful lead tone. Really nice subtle playing - great control on your vibrato, it seems like so many slide players really overdo the vibrato. Following you now! Found you through the open mic contest, this is my first week entering and I am having a lot of fun listening through the other entries :) Cheers - Carl

Thanks for your comments Carl. For me, one of the vital techniques in any fretted instrument is the vibrato. Problem with the steel, is that it is easy to overdo it since there is actually no physical fret to act as a buffer either way, as there is with a conventional guitar.

Wow Geoff, that steele guitar is so sweet sounding - love this song, you play it well mate! PS, just so happens we both chose to cover the same artist t his week...

Great minds good buddy and thanks! Look forward to hearing your spot.

HI Steely, that was AWESOME!
I've been pestering you for some Pedal Steel for a while and this was certainly worth the wait! Great song choice and sweet playing.

Thank you my friend. The instrument becomes more fascinating the more I play it. Pleased to say I am playing it more lately than I have been for a few years now, thanks to the Steemit open mic events. 😉

Such a beautiful sound! It's amazing how well you play the steel guitar.

All the Best!

Cheers Donatello. There are a good many people, including yourself, making some damn good music here on the open mic. Long may it continue. 👍

Lovely stuff @steelygeoff.

Do I spy an eBow next to the machine heads?

Thanks and indeed, well spotted, you do spy the very article there. I tried using it during the little acoustic interval but messed up a couple of times in rehearsals! I only arranged this piece this week so when I am more familiar with it I might end up doing an "ebow" mix. 😊👍

You're welcome :)

I've heard they can be tricky but it would be interesting to hear it on the pedal steel that's for sure.

Actually, that has just got me thinking it might be a bit of a challenge to do something with the Ebow, improvising to a few chords already set up on the guitar. 👍😉

Thanks for the great song Geoff. the sound you make on that pedal guitar is inspiring.

Cheers man. This open mic platform is an inspiration itself TBH. 👍😊

Beautiful! this is easily my favorite of your entry's so far!!

Thank you Oliver, much appreciated my friend.

An original way to play. Very good.

Thank you.

Really lovely, @steelygeoff :) upped and resteemed. Really love this song, though always thought the sentiment's a little scary. But then, that's Bob!

Speaking of scary sentiments, my entry this week is an original song called The Vigilante's Song, I'd love it if you checked it out :)

Thanks mate. I must confess to never having thought about the sentiment in that particular song. 😏 It has also now occurred to me that it first BD song where I have gone for the melody rather the the lyrics! Definitely a first there. 😂

This was wonderful.. I wish my upvote was worth more, as this deserves it :)

Great post, thanks for sharing!

Aw thanks there. $s are only a part of this open mic event. It warms me when people comment in the way you have.


Sounds great, thumbs up :)

Cheers now.

That is so beautiful.
It either makes me want to slow-dance or cry. Maybe both...
You have such a great style @steelygeoff !

Thank you for the rather heartfelt comment. As long as music does something for you, it is working!


Nice tune - great sound !!

P.s. Thanks for the info @steelygeoff

Followed Upvoted and i am Fan i am guitare player and i like how you played this cover very good sheers from morocco ^_^

Thank you very much for listening and commenting. 😊


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