Steemit open mic week 98 - Let it Hodl

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Steemit open mic week 98 - Let it Hodl

Here is my entry into Steemit open mic week 98. @DeanLogic and I started a song challenge, he writes me new lyrics to a song every week and I perform it :)

This week is Let It Hodl:

The candle is red on the chart tonight Not a green line to be seen

A kingdom of devaluation And it looks like I'm the queen

The coins are falling, and the market share will slide

Couldn’t invest much more, heaven knows I tried

Don’t sell too low, don’t pay the fee; Be the frugal girl you always have to be

Invest, don’t save, don’t let it go too low; Well, now it’s really low

Let it HODL, let it HODL; Can’t keep it down anymore

Let it HODL, let it HODL; The Tokens will hit the floor

I don’t care What they’re going to say

Let the news fall down; The FUD never bothered me anyway

It’s funny how some bad news; Makes my portfolio so small

But the bankers that controlled fiat; Can’t get to me at all

It’s time to see what crypto can do; Test the resistance and break through

No up, no down, no rules for me; I’m free

Let it HODL, Let it HODL; I am one with the sell and buy

Let it HODL, Let it HODL; You’ll never see me cry

Here I trade and here I pay

Let the news rage on

My technical analysis is the best to be found

My portfolio is really low but that won’t keep me down

And a single shining thought is focused in my mind

One thousand times returns are there for me to find

Let it HODL, Let it HODL; And I’ll risk every token and coin

Let it HODL, Let it HODL; That bull run is gone

Here I stand, what more to say

Let the news rage on; The FUD never bothered me anyway


Awesome sound.
Much better than the annoying original that my nieces played constantly!
May crypto rise as high as your high notes!

haha glad you liked it :) Play this version for your nieces and start them young learning about crypto ;)

My kids have already learned about crypto via Cryptokitties. Hopefully soon the older one will be a Steemian!



I stole this image and updated my thumbnail photo 😂

Best song I've heard all week.

haha glad you liked it :) :)

Okay... forget the logic of "Dean" ... Will you marry me?


Seriously, - "will you marry me" - Nah - just kidding... great entry girlfriend!

You are so talented - one is at a complete loss as to where to begin the never-ending accolades so worthy of your efforts... To sum it up in one word...


I really appreciate your kind words!!! :) :)

Amazing! Phenomenal! Sensational!

5 stars raves Llama Street Journal ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

images (11).jpeg

A high integrity journal for sure

Thanks for having me!

1,000 % returns are easy after a crypto coin drops 90% ..... someone will reap the rewards... just not me since I’m sitting on the 90% loss with no extra disposable income to invest. Oh well.

oh no!! wait for the bounce

I liked that much better than Imagine Crypto.

Great job!

Glad you liked it Dean, I live to please!

HAhaha... this is awesome. Well done. :)

Thanks Luke :) :) You keen to be on the weekly recap show this week?

This week probably isn't good for me as I'm prepping for Burning Man and leaving early Saturday. Too much going on to keep up with everything. :) I'll take a rain check if I can though. I would love to join another time.

Sounds awesome!!! You are extremely talented!! :D

I really appreciate your nice words :)

Oh, this is brilliant! Can we overlay this to the actual film? :D

Excellent performance!

haha let's just remake the whole film about crypto ;) Just find me an investor and consider it done!

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Excellent.... Subscribed on YouTube.

yayay! Thanks so much!!!

I am your new fan! XD

Yay!!! Glad to have you!!

Oh man that was great! Have you ever heard "Do you wanna trade some shitcoins?"

Oh and BTW I love that Totoro rack on your wall!

haha glad you noticed Totoro :)
lololol what did I just watch???! 😂