Steemit Open Mic 149 - Good Times (original)

in openmic •  2 months ago 
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cool, thanks :)

Thanks for sharing, Naomi.

[big hug]

Cracking wonderful voice. Powerful lyrics kinda fitting for me today haha 💯🐒

I'm sorry to hear they're fitting for you :( Sending love x

Thanks i'm 90% good you know and happy thats the main thing. Tugged on the old strings a bit 💯🐒

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I like a lot of musical work friend... Your voice is very beautiful and your melodies even more. I send you a big hug xD

Please keep in mind that there’s someone that loves you in the distance with a love that hurts nobody.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful song.

Una voz priviligiada, BEAUTIFUL @skycorridors

Fantastic! Aussie, aussie, aussie! Oi, oi, oi!

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