OMG I won steemit open mic this week!!

in openmic •  4 months ago 

Huge thank you to the judges, I'm so grateful for the opportunity to share my music!

So very happy <3 <3 <3

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Congrats on that

I appreciate it :)

Heya @skycorridors such a sweet voice and lovely song!!! It is currently on my loop and m typing my feedback to you!!! Keep it up!!! Long way to go!!! Wish you luck!!! Thanks =)

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Thanks so much!! :) :)

Wow, beautiful, had no idea you were a musician too

Thanks so much for watching :)

Holy, wowza! You're voice is incredible. Didn't know you had this kind of talent in your repertoire. Nice work!

I really appreciate your kind words!

Congrats! :)
Nice feeling, nice touch...

Thanks :)

You're welcome :)
Keep on!

Great, congratulations! So beautiful your performance!

Thanks so much :)

Heard about this from your Twitter! Amazing, really lovely song :)

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Yay thanks so much!

I like it very much. It is very inspiring. I feel calm when listening although I can not get some words because I am not a native speaker, but it is fantastic.

Thanks so much :) Maybe I should write the lyrics in a comment?

Angelic Voice!

Thanks so much!

Wow verry nice song 😍

Thank you!!

Did you make a song yet poking fun at CSW ;)

ooh not yet, but maybe one day ;)

Wow....great voice and great song. Deserved winner !!

Thanks so much for your support!

great voice ... and a nice song you wrote.

I appreciate that :)

genial que linda eres y tu voz es asombrosa, bien merecido felicidades!!

thank you!!

OMG, i love it!!!

Thank you!!!

This is an awesome performance!
Congratulations on your win!

Thanks so much :)

Hi, I really love your beautiful voice. The song you wrote is touching.
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I'll check it out! Thanks for watching my video :)

Nice song I can't wait for your next song, for me its a 10/10

Thanks so much :) Let me know what you think of this week's entry!

good ^^


hey Naoimi! tell us how well Steem works on that site, does it allow for on screen donations like streamlabs? can you tell us your experience with it? i Really need detailed experience report about IF that steem feature works in there like streamnalbs i neeeeeeeed a way to use steem like that and u showed me that fir the first time few months ago, i need to follow up on that with the guys

Bitbacker was purchase by and my understanding is that they want to add Steem as a donation option, so I will keep you posted for sure! Or you can reach out directly to their twitter @bitbacker_io

Welldone nice one

Thank you :)

Wow, very good is incredible. Nice work

Thank you :) :)

I am so damn impressed you lady. I have been playing 43 years and you mah ladee are a shinning star. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and moving song.


Thank you so so much!!

It really is nice to hear you, your work is very professional <3

When she has started to sing i was like OMG, Why this women is not recording an album!?

You are all very sweet, thank you for your encouragement!!

you deserved to win it was great!

Thanks so much!!

thanks for sharing your beautiful voice

Thanks so much for listening :)

Your voice is amazing .

That's such a lovely thing to say x

Congratulations #skycorridors .

Thank you :) :)

You've interesting voice @skycorridors :)


Thanks! I think ;)

Great Voice , I like

Thank you!!

Wow, your voice is incredible, the song is looping in my head. You have future on the music market, i wish to you the best!
Keep making beautiful music!

Thanks so much for your kind words and for watching the video!!

Congratulations once again! Love hearing what you come up with next. Thanks for playing.

Thanks so much!!

Very nice song, beautiful voice, congratulations on the win! :D

God bless you. :D Have an awesome day! :D

Thanks so much :)

You're most welcome. :D