I came 3rd in Steemit Open Mic this week :)

in #openmic5 years ago (edited)

So grateful for the judges who put this competition together, and so happy that my songs have been well received :)
This last entrance was a song I wrote when I was 15 called Breakable. Thanks to everyone who watched the video!

What the judges said:

"Beauty, although vain, is socially scalable, the soul, mind and heart aren't easily changeable, and our physical vessels we have been given are fragile and breakable, many feel alone, unworthy and un-datable, comparing ourselves to others who outwardly seem more favourable, our love for ourselves should be way stable, and the impact we make on others can be unmistakably traceable. Inadequacy can make you feel incapable, but realize that you are yourself unique and irreplaceable, your goals and dreams are attainable, and doors of opportunity and happiness are available. Our fears can either decimate or disintegrate all things as biodegradable. Bad memories aren't erasable but our hopes and confidence are definitely raise-able. Wisdom is not based on only things vocational, but what you can pull from within knowing yourself, is obtainable. Your entry and original song was sensational." - @verbal-d

"I have been stoked when getting your entries of late, they have been so varied and unique - yet I am starting to get a feel for the type of artist you are and I have to say that I really hope you have a heap more songs stashed away.
I totally agree performing your own music is something that's really intense, on an emotional level just putting yourself out there - let alone the physical one if your like me and even when at home recording I still get nervous lol.
You're music is perfectly styled to accentuate your truly stunning vocals, they are just so crisp and clean - pure even... it adds an almost angelic/harmonic feel to the songs and make them feel even more unreal, just absolutely brilliant and hope to see more soon!" - @krystle

Huge thank you :)

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Winners' Announcement:


Thanks for sharing your music with us @skycorridors. It's always a pleasure to hear you sing and I've really enjoyed every entry you're made so far. You have a way with words. Hope you're having fun and feel inspired to share some more.

Thanks so much :) I really appreciate the encouragement!!

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