You know @silentscreamer I don't remember where I read this but.... i believe @heimindanger clarified recently to someone that dtube is not taking the 25% cut anymore. I'm doubting myself because you use it 100 times more than me, but I do remember reading this.

If we are lucky, he will show up and clarify!

Hahaha. Id rather he not show up.

But no its not 25%. Its depending on asset prices. It should be around 10ish% and they redistribute the rewards to those that upvote dtube posts.

hahahah now because you said I rather not... watch him show up! its how life works!

But I'm so confused – I thought we were discouraged from using DTube for open-mic entries...? If you have to also provide a youtube or vimeo link, why use DTube at all? Especially if they're taking such a huge cut?

They have IPFS issues so i think somewhere in the world people have issues playing it which is why Luz asks for a youtube link or Vimeo additionally. In Europe though, where i live videos run smoothly every time. The servers are probably in the neighborhood of where i live.

On the incentives, Well theres:

  1. Its a steem platform that has great potential
  2. They sometimes give you upvotes.

Now i want to stress that it all depends on your blog state if you should or should not use it.
If you have large payouts on your posts it would be financially foolish to use dtube if you dont consider the incentives great enough.
Its super hard to get on their regular curation upvote list. Basically id say, if youre having high payouts, its risky, but in the long run possibly profitable. And consistency is be all on dtube. The more ypu ppst the higher chance of an upvote.
I really encourage everyone to try it out. Said the samr to Darren few days ago

I added a comment about this above in this post. If you scroll up until you see my little devil avatar you can read it.

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