Voting Bot threatens @transparency bot creator: "I will beat you in front of your family"

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Please guys, excuse me, that I am writing and taggin' your communities. I am member of those, continuously bloggin in those categories. So I hope you don't mind if I am calling out to you with something that is important to me. If you don't know me, you are welcome to listen to my recent entries on openmic for example and you can understand, that I am taking steemit serious and do not provide spam in general, whereas this post seems not to fit into the tagged categories on first sight. I even take more people of my surrounding to steemit. Here you can see an openmic entry of mine, just to proof my integrity and make you reading a little bit further.

Let's get to the point know.

Voting bots earn much money with their services. With the help of the bots, many steemians can buy into trending page no matter if they provide quality or shit. You may know some of the flag-wars that are based on that issue.
I am myself just a small minnow and I am totally ok with that. I dislike the platform every week a little bit more, scrolling through Trending page, seeing nothing worthy those high numbers.
So, since a few weeks, there is at least a tool called @transparencybot, which comments a "Bought Post" revealing the sum of bought votes. This is a nice feature for new steemians and helps to qualify between posts in general, even if they are not scrolling through the blockchain the whole day, which, of course is transparent, too.
Since I like that idea of @transparencybot I have delegated Steempower and made a post:**

Now guess what happend. A well know voting bid-bot flagged my post, and also flagged all posts of @transparencybot, his rep is now -7. This well known bot called @transparencybot's comments spam, which in my opinion they are not. So far everything is not so nice, but in order.


But now see what happened further: See that original Screenshot, this bid-bot threatens the owner of @transparencybot in violence:


This is the original comment:

"Fuck off, your campaign failed. Be gone - get out of the ecosystem or I will fucking find you and beat you in front of your family and friends. No more warnings. Get lost! FUCK OFF! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"

Well, this is far beyond anything tolerable. It's also all the same to me, if this bot flags me for revealing this to others. He even thinks he is doing good thing and helping the platform, which he makes posts about where he says that bidbots are not raping the rewards pool. I can get some of those arguments in there and perhaps there was a time when this was supposed to be an opportunity against self-voting whales, but know to see such kind of responses? Definitely something not too good to be associated with. To me it is all the same, because if it goes on like this, steemit and steem is in general a ponzi-scheme and without any of intrinsic value. It offers a good ROI if there is a greater fool still joining or buying in. But that is not what I thought a new social community and currency should be based on.

I hope that everyone, who is reading this and is understanding what it means with this real kind of threat, is standing up know. Write blogs about it, support @transparencybot, it's all there in the blockchain and visible for everyone. You can count it right there, Steem will fail if it's not changing.

Thanks for your time reading this!

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Please don't use openmic as the 1st tag unless you are entering Open Mic. Thank you.

This post is completely off topic anyway.


I see, putting on first position is not ok, thank you. Please notice, that it is not completely off topic. This issue relates to many communities, there are some people on openmic too that use those bots, and as I am a member of that community I wanted to reach out to them. I also proof my integrity with some older openmic entries in the beginning of my post, so it is not completely off Topic or Spam. Thanks for your understanding, I will put it on second or third next time.


Look, just because people may use bidbots who also enter OM it still is off topic. This is a music community. That's what OM is about. Bidbots is about something else entirely. Please, just keep it about music if you use the tag. Thanks