Recreational Outrage at Offensive Emojis! Day 8

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To everyone reading, please accept my most sincere wishes for a beautiful Valentine's Day, surrounded by those to whom you carry the most deep affection: Whether they are your parents, your children, your spouse, or your favorite Mistress or Mister, it is the emotional connection we find through our experience interacting with each other that makes, our brief adventure here on Earth, have true meaning in our moment.


Two is one, one is none.

A NAVY SEAL maxim that applies to (in my world) everything.

To be recreationally outraged on a day where love is the focus would be shortsighted, inconsiderate, and well, kinda rude.

As a Son of Canada 🇨🇦, such behavior would be inappropriate and misrepresentative of my Canadian culture.

So instead, today let's lead the day by counting our blessings and consider the people in our lives, particularly on Steemit, who have made our brief ride on planet Earth more enjoyable:

With a Valentine's Day twist to craft this post in a grateful, relevant fashion.

My Canadian sister, Sarah McLachlan, came out with this beautiful song as the premier single to her multi-platinum album, "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy."

Listen to it, with your lover, or a hot stranger on a plane ✈️, don't be surprised if you start making out with each other, and have the sex with each other in the washroom:

Do your best to ignore the fact that the drummer looks like the love child of Loki and Professor Snape.

This song is dedicated to both @bettyboob and @themadgoat:

The latter for turning me back on to a song (and educating me on its background) in his blog on Steemit, the former for suffering a similar consequence detailed in her blog this month:

That song was written by Sarah regarding a stalker, who sued her for $250,000 for song writing credits because his scary stalking letters apparently had components in that song.

Yeah, that beautiful song was written by Sarah regarding her stalker observing her 😱

HENCE, the dedication to @bettyboob, a beautiful ray of light in a world where my light cannot reach (fuck man, I can't be everywhere all at once), who's holding it down in the Netherlands with her awesome upgraded to the nth degree husband, @fitzgibbon, who is tirelessly promoting Steemit through his twitter blast initiatives 👏🤝


In my Valentine's Day thanks to those who make my life more fun when I'm not 'called to action' in some black op you'll never read or hear about except on here, protected by anonymity and my need for release...

The MAIN man of Steemit, the CEO himself!

Ned Scott.


What can I say?

Rocking the bells as the MAIN MAN carrying Steemit into the future, our dude's doing WAY better than just alright!

'Nuff love, mad respect, to the one like Ned Scott, aka them one who be'en @ned.

PROPER brother.

We ALL thank you, and send much love.

TIME for another Valentine's Day song!

BLOODY HELL! that's the perfect song accompanied by a perfectly shot music video.

Jessica Lang, I don't care how young you are:

I'll go down on you just to hear your what your voice sounds like when triggered by multiple orgasms.


Call me. ☎️ 👱‍♂️

Next big thanks and maximum bigups to the most ethical genius I know personally:

The mental giant behind the architecture of Steemit and EOS, @dan, Dan Larimer:


EOS and invited me to be an Ambassador for EOS last May in New York City.

They covered the $1700 cost for the All Access admission badge, fed me, and gave me alcohol.

Now THAT'S a winning combination!

I asked Abby, the mastermind coordinator of EOS at the Consensus conference, who PERSONALLY met me at the door and ushered me up to the EOS headquarters:

"Abby, I'm here, but my target and objective haven't been identified.
I'm here on your dime, and willing to serve - what is my role and function?"

"Just Be YOU.
WE know you.
Be awesome, and represent EOS."

So I did, to phenomenal success at Consensus, and continue to do so, to this very day.

My non-existent contracts always have a termination date that of course don't really matter, because they are imaginary, therefore are not real,
and (duh) don't exist.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

I'm not a financial advisor, don't follow my investment advice, blah blah blah.

When the ICO is complete for EOS, I'm buying.
True story, the future is now, the rest of the world doesn't know it yet.

I invest in genius first, technology second.

THAT'S why I bought Apple stock in 2003.

I'm buying EOS this summer when the ICO is complete (DO NOT BUY until then if you're a US citizen. You will get fucked. Stronger words there are none, so appropriate use of a swear, which I try to not use, except right before I pull the trigger).

Trading stocks and crypto, of course 😉

This last song is dedicated to ALL the lovers out there, life can be beautiful, life IS brief, find love and open yourself, fully to the moment...

I promise you:

Love is the only thing that matters.
Here, for YOU!
The best love song clip ever recorded, the clip that never fails to bring tears to my eyes, the entire crowd feeling it and giving a standing ovation...

Happy Valentine's Day Steemit,


@scan0017 😘 💕 ❤️

PS: Resteem this to the nth degree - Feel the LOVE, EVERYBODY!

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Happy Valentine's Day to my loving friend @scan0017 sir.....

Who said Valentine's Day
Should only be for couples?
Here's a special wish for a
Special person in my life who
has showered me with love,
trust, admiration and
never-ending support.
Happy Valentine's Day my friends.
I am in love with the bond of
Friendship that we share.
Happy Valentine's Day to the
dearest and nearest friend
In my life!...

That was beautiful.
Thank you 🙇

Wel come my dear friend...

Oh my! 😍
Thank you so much!!

Thank you for your nice words 😊
Thank you for the inspiring songs I can bring with me on the airplane next week.. (Ryan Air.. Small.. Challenge!) 😏
Thank you for the self portrait 😜

You have a GREAT Valentines day! 😘

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You, and your family, are AMAZING!
I'm SO glad to have met you and your husband in Portugal at SteemFest² 😍
Thank you for the resteem @bettyboob!

Haha you're welcome!

Happy Valentine Day

Representing @anikearn - I recognize you.
Thank You

happy valentine day its my first time i am here on your post and i found something really good and you got a new follower and hay blessed and enjoy alot on this valentine! upvoted and resteem!

Welcome to the future Mike @akashhassan!
Thank you brother for your upvote and resteem;
together, we will bring joy to the 🌎 🌍🙂!

we will bro we will thats my aim thats why i am here on steemit bro and itys my pleasure to resteem your post!

First happy Valentine day to you sir
I expect to you a wonderful life because many people love and respect you my advice to you have fun with your life every minute @scan0017
Second your post is beautiful and songs are great please let me sharing it

Thanks for the resteem @as1991!

Happy valentine & I love you to @scan0017.

I love you too brother,
YOU are changing the world for the better,
In ways you don't even recognize...
Thank you for all that you do.

Hello handsome, Happy day of love and friendship, spend an amazing day next to yours..

Thank you for the bigups and resteem pretty lady! 😊


Happy Valentine my friend your post is amazing
specially songs the first and second are amazing
at last I hope to you a beautiful and fun life my friend @scan0017

Word UP @isco!
'Nuff respect!

Happy Valentines Day. very inspiring songs for a stalker to hear. LOL. Now show me an emoji that instead of getting angry, I recreate this beautiful day. Do you have any?


Your video caption cracked me up, @scan0017! ^_^ "Do your best to ignore the fact that the drummer looks like the love child of Loki and Professor Snape." Following you and resteeming this post.

LOL Awesome -
Had to throw a funny zinger in there as I am want to do! Glad you caught it 😊

Feliz día San Valentin a todos los amigos de steemit.

Upvote and resteem

Happy Valentine's Day my Friend, very beautiful your post and the songs also very nice. upvoted and resteem

happy valentines day @ scan0017 that you spend the best in the company of your loved ones


happy valentines @scan0017 I hope everyone has a happy day let me share it Resteem.

reeteem and upvote awesome

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WOW!! Incredible story!! Happy Valentine's Day You tooo @scan You're soooo sweet your all post is fantastic and funny I enjoyed to read your every post. :)
Song's Video sound Music AwesOme....!!!

UPvote + Resteemd :)

Happy Valentine's Day friend, from Venezuela, have a beautiful day, God allow you more time here on earth, to continue sharing and enjoying your incredible sense of humor and sympathy..

Happy valentine & I love you to @scan0017.
Best part of valentine post without emoji's including love indeed songs.
Best day for hear it. Thank you for joyful us.
Enjoy with your lovelies.
Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.

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Happy Valentine's Day @ scan0017, that you spend very well next to your loved ones.
upvote and resteem're really handy with both ladies. You maintain your body nicely with 6 packs... :-) Handsome...
Happy valentine day @scan0017.
Lovelyyy songs of Sarah McLachlan & Jessica Lang. Pretty sweet.
Fabulous post created. Nice shots of steemians with @ned and @dan.


Hi @scan0017, Happy Valentine day to you.....
Excellent post about valentine day meaning and ICO projects.
Lovely video songs and I'm watching it now. Wow.....Just awesome.....

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Happy Valentine's day Sir may you have fantastic day you to and your family. My you have happiest and wonderful life. 💫 ❣
This is outstanding post for this special great occesion have a celebrate .. 🎊🎉🎆🎊✨

Upvote and resteemed done

Resteemed and upvote

powerful @darksea!
Thank you for the resteem brother!

happy day of love and friendship my friend hope you can share it with your loved one. enjoy the love @scan0017 upvote & resteem

images (1).jpg

i hope that crystal around your neck has some aphrodisiac healing property's looks like your in for a good night big fella .you have been sharing the love around a lot and i hope your feeling it back in spades today .ive never invested in an ico yet but i have faith that if you have such faith for it .its gunna be solid investment keep us updated on eos and how yoir night goes 😉bigups to sarah she killed it🏋️‍♀️

Yeah she did!
Zero investment advice, to anyone;
I am not qualified to offer it.
My money is going to EOS this summer.
Not advice, just a what's up to my people.

im catching what your throwing mate.

"EOS and invited me to be an Ambassador for EOS last May in New York City."

Does EOS need an Ambassador in The Netherlands?

I applied following a Steemit post from @dan last year, before the grand unveiling of EOS at the Consensus conference in New York.
Amazing crew, I'm excited for the future of EOS.
As the #9 crypto measured by market capitalization, I think their ambassador pool is full...

happy Valentines Day 😂😂😂



Happy Valentine's Day @scan0017
Your excellent post . nice video song
Upvote and Resteem

Happy valentine day. ilove to you.
wonderful article .thanks for sharing
For your post propagation.

I think I would have preferred to be scandalously recreated, I'll have to spend my Valentine's Day embraced with my computer.

But hey, Happy Valentine's Day, brother.

upvote and resteem

Excellent post. Happy Valentine's Day

100% like and resteem

it's beautiful what you write about your friends ... having friendships with real feelings towards a real one has no price dear @scan0017

@scan0017 this is so beautiful story I had spent all day with my loved ones so I read this article late and one thing I can say is this article is purest........ And happy valentines day belated hope you also enjoyed this day with your loved one!!

Thanks, and the same to you my friend!

Numerous individuals around the globe observe Valentine's Day by indicating gratefulness for their loved ones or love. A few people take their friends and family for a sentimental supper at an eatery while others may pick this day to propose or get hitched. Numerous individuals give welcoming cards, chocolates, gems or blooms, especially roses, to their accomplices or admirers on Valentine's Day.
It is likewise an opportunity to acknowledge companions in some groups of friends and societies. For instance, Valentine's Day in Finland alludes to "Companion's day", which is more about recollecting all companions as opposed to concentrating exclusively on sentiment. Valentine's Day in Guatemala is known as Day of Love and Friendship). It is like Valentine's Day traditions and conventions nations, for example, the United States yet it is likewise a period for some to demonstrate their thankfulness for their companions,
@scan0017 doing great job,keep sharing and song and videos are amazing,stay bless and happy

Happy Valentine to you as well. We all love you because of your contribution to steemit community. You are wonderful :)

The song videos you have shared are marvelous, especially the first one of your sister Sarah McLachlan. :)

Nice blog

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happy Valentine ،Yes, we have to exploit opportunities We do not know how long we will live, to live the moment now, to live with love and hope to love the culture of life Thank you for the pictures, the video and the entire publication, which is full of joy

Bonjour!!!!Happy and glorious Valentine day to you and your friends !!! It is very kind of you to show us your wonderful party too!!!

Mind blowing story!! Cheerful Valentine's Day You tooo @scan You're soooo sweet your everything post is awesome and entertaining I delighted in to peruse your each post. Also, you're One of fellow who bolster this group love.

Cheerful Valentine my companion your post is stunning
uniquely tunes the first and second are astonishing
finally I plan to you an excellent and fun life my companion @scan0017

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you're extremely convenient with the two women. You keep up your body pleasantly with 6 packs.
Upbeat valentine day @scan0017.
Awesome post made. Decent shots of steemians with @ned and @dan.

we need to misuse openings We don't know to what extent we will live, to experience the minute now, to live with affection and would like to love the way of life of life Thank you for the photos, the video and the whole production.

Best piece of valentine post without emoticon's including love for sure tunes.

Greatest day for hear it. Much thanks to you for euphoric us.
Appreciate with your lovelies.

@scan0017 😘 💕 ❤️ upbeat Valentine ،Yes, we need to misuse openings We don't know to what extent we will live, to experience the minute now, to live with adoration and would like to love the way of life of life Thank you for the photos, the video and the whole distribution, which is loaded with delight

Happy Valentine's Day @scan0017 Upvote your sharing always :)

happy valentine day for you, sir @scan0017
thank you for this video its beautifull
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Happy valentine day to you too .

feliz dia de la amistad para ti amigo @scan0017 y para todos en steemit, gran post.

a beautiful story to remove the burden of life, enjoy the song with those we love and appease him.
This is an experience very difficult to be overlooked.
I love the sarah song..!!
thanks for sharing @scan0017

Awesome video Good work Tanks for sharing

Happy valentine's day sir... ☺
really sweet writing sir...😊
love you too sir... ✌

upvote and resteemed

i really liked the post ... restreem like always ... keep it up

Wishing you a happy valentine day. yes i agree it's not for only couples but also for parents, kids, friends, siblings etc etc. Thanks for sharing @scan0017

♥ Love you sir, happy valentine's day.

i am very happy for you sir...And many many happy valentines to you sir, this really is a special day for you and all of the loving people in the world...This day purely shares the love between different peoples across the world...

Happy valentine day friend

I LOVE YOU Sir @scan0017 😘 💕 ❤️
happy valentines day


Love you too 😍

Valentine’s is the day to show our love to all the people who give meaning to our life. Share it to those who need to feel loved because by doing so, Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Nicely written.. Specially about valentines day.. Its good thing to thanx and valued all the persons who make some difference in your life

Everyone smiles. Not so much fun

Happy valentine day to you. Yes love not only for today love also for forever. I love my mother father sister and also love you my life partner. Your sister song is very sweety. thankyou for sharing this post with us.

Happy Valentine. The song videos you have shared are so nice.

happy valentine day with love to you! you are buying EOS this summer when the ICO is complete and you are ambassador of EOS! i think i should buy too!

happy valentine day for you, family is everything

great moments n thanks for sharing😂😂

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