Steemit Openmic week 91 - Sami D. Barid Feat. Shavon Bonnie Legion - Remember old places

in #openmic3 years ago

It is an honor for me that Shavon Bonnie Legion has written a text on my piece so I can present it to you together with her. As always I hope you enjoy it and wish all the participants and judges the best. Peace

Sami D. Barid


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Great song.
Nice touch with the violins.

thank you so much viterbo. Have a wonderful day my friend

This is so beautiful, I love the duet parts. Oh the vibes!!! Congrats you both

I thank you @yidneth, and look forward to your things too!! have a nice weekend

Thank you... You and @soundlegion made a dream team with this one. Loving the epic vibes.

Wow this is an amazing piece.
I got hooked on as soon as you started to play that piano.
Thanks for sharing

No thank YOU for your words

It's a fantastic piece my friend and a huge honor to get to write something to it that worked out so well, I love the singing you did in the video it sounded so good along side, beautifully done, and incredible playing on them keys wonderful work, I look forward to more in the future. :) huge ups to you

thank you shavon. It was a great honor to have you write something for this song. That melody fits so well. I wish you the best!!!

Muy buena voz, me gusto mucho

thank you so much genesis17

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Hey.. Good day. I love your entry. Can you please teach me how to make videos with good sound quality like yours please?

This sounds SO good! Love hearing musicians collaborating on Steemit. That's what Open Mic was created for, to build community between musicians around the world. This is awesome guys! Love it.

And that's why openmic is so ingenious. because everything you set out to do, works. Thank you very much for that.

This collab is legend, Sami! So glad you two got together on this. Bravo!

Thank you @passion-ground, I'm also very happy about it. I hope you're all right, my friend. Peace!

Wonderful Samid just wonderful!
Ohhh my GOD! How your VOice fits Shavons beautiful VOice is incredible...
such a rough and warm Voic... honestly im quite jealous :))
Cant wait to hear more selfwritten Stuff or maybe somewhen an Album Announcement on here!
Best wishes,

Johannes, your voice is extremely beautiful. I'd like a voice like that, believe me. Thank you very much for the compliment. Keep it up, you write and sing like a star, my friend. peace

Thank you Samid,
guess we just feel the same way for the other one ^^
Keep it up! peeeace

Ohhh yes i guess you are right 😂 best regards from berlin

Beautiful job you two, I love it.

great job really enjoyed your performance

I am glad to hear that thank you

Fantastic job! What a beautiful collaboration.

Thank you sooo much. its a pleasure

A wonderful collaboration @samidbarid and @soundlegion

I have added you to my Judge's List for Open Mic Week 91
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Thanks verbal-d it's a great pleasure if you liked it!

my gawd sami you sir have won the internet
i loved every note, each, chorus, everything!!!
like i was transported from my office traight to the sky and beyond
i wish you success and i'll keep track on your post, you are a wonderfull musician

that is so nice of you. I'll be watching you too, my friend. I wish you the best of luck.

Thank you kind sir, i wish you success on your journey and a fruitfull future.

So nice from you my friend !!! Thank you best regards!!


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Woowwwwww. This is absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful collaboration <3 <3 <3

Thank you lilly. I also Love your songs everytime

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thank you so much my friend

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