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As always @samidbarid - astonishing work. I love to hear that piece!


He is absouletely amazing.


You always made my days with your comments. Thank you sooo much my friends

A gentle walk - such a nice name for this #inspiring #piano song. Upvoted and resteemed, greetings from @berlinmusic


Thank you so much berlinmusic. Its a Pleasure

That is some amazing playing. Love the song and the dynamics you bring to it.



Thank you @luzcypher this is a great Thing you doing. I have to thank you! Love your contest

It's like a bolero

You are so talented. Why do you post only one video every week. Pls make more ! 😊

really good stuff


thank you my friend!


Thank you !!!!

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Always a pleasure to hear you play...


Always a big pleasur to read your comments my friend 😁🤙

wow. best.


So nice thank you my friend


Thank you. Best wishes !

I love your song also :-) You have good ideas. Nice to meet you here :-)

I love you, you are an inspiration


Wow Never thought to become an Inspiration for the people. That really means a lot for me . Wish you the best


Soon I will post my original song, thanks for sharing this to us

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Quite a lovely passage... Nice!


Love to hear that. Thank you so much