Steemit Open Mic Week 52 - "Don't Walk Away" Original Music

in #openmic4 years ago

What's up everyone! I haven't done an entry for a while now, and this is the 1 year anniversary! I thought I'd throw down some jams for you guys on the piano this time. Thanks @luzcypher for the consistency and the opportunity! ✌


beautiful man! Nice to see someone writing some original piano music, its always great to hear.... I play the piano myself, but when I sing along, I can only play the same old rhythms over and over so it can get a bit clunky.... keep doing what your doing :) x basil

From the jump I liked this, very emotional playing.

Nice playing.

Hey, this is the last chance to Help Send Steemit Open Mic To Steemfest 2?


Right on! I appreciate the tune:)

Very nice, Riley! Would love to hear some appropriate lyrics put to this wonderful composition!

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I am in awe!