Open Mic Week 14 - Cover of Relient K - Who I Am Hates Who I've Been

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This is the first song I learned on the piano, and one of my favorites! Thanks @luzcypher, and thanks @pfunk for holding down this event for everyone.


Nice piano playing, always a joy to listen to, and I agree with the rest here, singing is a gift, and your voice is unfortunately hard to hear, but from what I hear, you covered the song nicely, I still remember going to my first Relient K concert so this song as well gives me some very nostalgic reminiscent memories as well. Best of luck to your entry, thanks for sharing. Upvoted

Thanks, man. It's weird, it definitely felt like I was singing louder then when I played it back haha. Next time

You're welcome man, and yeah I can relate to moments like those, getting lost in the beauty of the music. Next time you'll definitely capture it the way you intend to.

really amazing!!!!! Good luck in the competiiton :)

i love piano, sounds pretty good my friend, you voice sounds nice, i want to hear it louder.

Riley, I love this cover. Great track. Would love louder vocals!! Your voice is completely perfect for this tune.

Ah thanks, I'll sing louder next time. I appreciate the feedback