Steemit OpenMic Week 74 - Elastic Heart (Sia)

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Steemit OpenMic Week 74 - Elastic Heart (Sia)


Hi guys, we're back for this week's contest, and this time we chose one of our favourite songs from the recent past.

Hope you feel it as we do...


I've got thick skin too brother and an elastic heat. So cool. Love the performance. You guys play well together.


Hey @luzcypher, thanks again for your kind words! OpenMic has been really great for us, it is pushing us to create more stuff. Next week another song for you. Cheers

Brilliant performance, gentlemen! You two never disappoint!

Thanks @passion-ground, we'll try our best to be beyond the expectations!

So beautiful. This brings me such a feeling of serenity. Thank you for sharing. ♥

So glad to hear that... thank you for listening!

You guys kill it every time I see you on here. The unique sound that you have works very well. I love the sound of that electric guitar fingerpicking too!

Hey @beeflomein, so great to hear that! We always try to modify these songs and, in a way, make them ours.
As for the guitar tone, i'm pluggin it to the Helix guitar processor, really nice

Greetings @pedromrmourato

You've been invited to the iTalnet contest/initiative

If you wish to enroll the contest, the auditions started today 1'st of March and will last until 5'th of March read more in the link below, the contest has a new voting system where artists/performers vote between themselves (no judges / no upvote count / no nominatios) only contestants vote counts.

Please read the rules of the contest prior to enrollment, thank you

Yo, @ivan.atman... where you been bro? Haven't seen you're music, brother... All I'm seeing of late is this contest promo stuff... Miss your music, brother - bring it on home, will ya! :-)

@passion-ground Hey man, my son was born a month ago and I was too busy to do anything on Steemit, so I took a hiatus, I've been trying to record something for the OpenMic for 2 weeks already but my mindset is elsewhere 😄 you can expect me next week to come back to the OpenMic cause I started to play again few days ago, and do not misread this invites (it's not just promo BS), nothing to do against other contest, I will keep participating in all of them.

I'm trying to bring this contest up to support absolutely all art forms in a way that I will make a standalone app if the people are interested, so naturally I have to push it around a little to see if people respond to it, because I'm basically ready to lose money on it just to give something to the artist community here, so I really need somekind of a green light from the community, I'm not rich, not by a long shot, but I believe we can start the art here ground up on Steemit and on the blockchain in general , you may say I'm a dreamer, but I hope I'm not the only one here 😉

(Other promos you've seen on my language are just Croatian and Balkan communities that I've initiated, for exchange, because we all speak the same language)

Tremendo tema.. Muy buena voz pronto te veré en los gramys suerte

You guys are so much pleasure to listen to :) great job! And a good competition ;)

Hey @petrajordan, thanks for your words! hope to hear from you again next week! cheers

Thanks, Pedro! You will :)

excellent brother .. you have a great talent .. I am sure you will go far .. your guitarist too! ... I'm happy to see talent from this level at OpenMic.

Thanks @rickyaaron! We are really happy to be a part of OpenMic, I've seen so much talent around... (And you're talking to the guitarist here!) Cheers

Great job, you guys make a good team too! Cheers!

Thanks @daily-musings, we've been playing together for more than ten years!

Great Vocs great guitar great job!

Well, that's great to hear, @wethepatsies!

That was awesome dude!

hey @dreamrafa, thanks a lot for your support!

Nice vocals and guitar tone.

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You have a great voice, keep up the great work! I try to enter every week so check mine if you get the time.

Thanks @jarradlevi! Keep up the good work!

That was awesome! Great vocals and great tones on the guitar.

This was such a beautiful performance. Amazing vocals too.
I also have an entry, you could check it out.

Hey @rho-sama, thanks! You have a lovely voice too! Cheers

I love this song and you put your own spin to it, great!

Hey @geenaizzy, we always try to make these songs a bit ours too, other way it wouldn't make sense for us to play them! Glad you enjoyed it!

BRAVISIMOOO!!! excelentee!!, la guitarra , la voz, todo se escuchó tan puro, genial, armonioso, se siente la canción como la interpretan, el sentimiento que le ponen. Los felicito! Sigan así, me encantó. También toco guitarra, puedes echarle una vista a este link Buen Post!

Hola @ezefitmusic, gracias por tus palabras!

Wow that's great, I congratulate you very good interpretation and my favorite song, keep it up, success

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