Steemit openmic contest week 75 (cover) Hallelujah by Alexandra Burke

in openmic •  2 years ago 

I am so glad to be a part of this contest. This is my entry for openmic contest week 75. It has a little flaw but I hope you enjoy it.

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Good job!

Thanks boss

Beautiful voice! Let her know my message Paul. Anyhow you both are a good team. Keep working

I will let her know. Thanks a lot

Amazing voice.


Thanks a lot boss @luzcypher

This was awesome, guys! The only downside was the numerous background audio distractions, which took away so much from this otherwise awesome performance.

Thank very much boss, i will put the background sound into consideration next time. @passion-ground

Award winning vocals. Great job guys!

Thanks a lot boss

Great vocals

Thanks a lot @pragmaticpassion