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RE: Steemit Open Mic Week 58 - Alone by Heart my own Rendition

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Yo brother, you kicked the passion into high gear here, man! Nice job! One suggestion... the audio was a bit on the "hot" side - meaning that it was just a bit too loud and broke up some (had to turn my YouTube volume down to 50%) ... I know it's not easy, but try working on balancing your backing track volumes with your vocal audio volumes and you'll be good to go... Good job, man!

P.S. It's rather cool how you embedded that table within the ever-illusive coding odyssey otherwise known as the "markdown" process... :-)


Thank you so much sir.. yeah I noticed that already but it takes time for me to take video again I might be shot dead by our housemate LOL. What I did was, lower the mid range and filter the hiss and hump sound but still it goes what it feels hehehe or maybe I'm using the low quality sound adjuster app. one thing I'm sure I really don't know how to balance it perfectly hehehe.

Next time I'll follow your advise sir, have to lower/balance the backing track prior to recording..

Soar High Be An Inspiration

Great advice. It was a bit hot at some points. The vocal performance was amazing though.