A Judges Reply to Nathan Kaye and the Entire Open-Mic Community

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The forward last week (88) for my Top-5 post touched briefly upon the “Cream of The Crop” (COTC) and "community favorites,” which more likely than not, reside deeply within the hearts and minds of the judges and the Open-Mic community at large.

Cream of the Crop.png

My good intention in doing so was very well-received and I got nothing but positive comments from the likes of @darrenclaxton, @samidbarid, @breakoutthecrazy, and @funkmedia just to name a few.

However, @nathankaye went far beyond a thoughtful and positive word, which inspired me to write this root post to properly reply and thank him for his gracious comment and insights. In doing so, I hope to add some of my personal feelings regarding the Open Mic community at the same time. So, here goes:

Here is Nathan's awesome comment:

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“Mate!!! Thanks so much for those words of veracity and incredibly beautiful compliments! I’m deeply touched!

You know, it’s so great to see a judge acknowledge this actually.

It was clear to me very early on (& in truth, I only started entering Open Mic in February in week 73, I think, and I came 1st place for the first time just last week, week 87, (Woohoo!) that there would need to be a kind of ‘scooping up’ of the broader community into the top 5 and honorable mentions so they don’t feel like it would be impossible to place if the COTC, as you dubbed us, aren’t pushed aside to make space. I even took a 6-week break from entering, largely in order to provide some of that space.

With that in mind, I do think it’s important for you, and possibly the other judges too, to acknowledge it, otherwise newbie entrants might also think things like, “well if such and such (CTOC) couldn’t even get a place or an honorable mention, then what hope do I have?!” In fact, that specific thing has been conveyed to me a couple of times, which is why you mentioning this in such a graceful, beautiful way as you’ve done here is really important.
Thank you so so much for that.

I just wrote this in the comments of @breakoutthecrazy’s comment and it’s important to reiterate:

This is the highest desire of my creations - for the audience/listeners (including judges) to drop the finger off their trackpad for a few minutes or so and really absorb what is being shared and conveyed. I don’t say that as an expectation though, because I know how much the judges have to sift through, but I do know that the several minutes I commit to tape (figuratively speaking) are really the culmination of tens of thousands of hours of hard work, spanning decades, all condensed down into those few minutes.

Those that are nascent may or may not really understand that yet, but they will when they get to my age and have been intensely grinding away for so so long.

And yes, of course, the so-called COTC can share the limelight. Haha! Woohoo!

You freakin’ rock dude!

Much love and blessings to you @passion-ground!”

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And my reply:

Brother, thank you for such a kind and insightful comment, Nathan. You really get it mate, and that’s just one of the things that I love so much about you!

You bring up a very good point regarding other entrants becoming discouraged if they notice that truly gifted artists are “not placing” – and perhaps concluding, “hey, if so and so didn’t make it, then why should I even bother entering at all.”

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AN IMPORTANT GENERAL ASIDE: Nathan, and to the rest of the Open-Mic community, I must be very clear on one very important matter before continuing. There will never, ever be any sort of “mercy” placements in my Top-5’s or honorable mentions – EVER!

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If an artist is in my top-30, they are there for good reason. Thereafter, it simply becomes a matter of organizing these top 30 artists in a way that is both entertaining and non-redundant for me, and likewise for the community at large.

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Playing Favorites.png

Though I have many, I never select them simply for "favorites sake."

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As I trust you know, and as I myself have experienced first-hand as a 30+ consecutive week entrant (who never placed EVER), that the very best motivation to participate resonates from deep within one’s heartfelt passions. The immense rewards for such are derived exclusively from this incredibly supportive #openmic community, their collective comments, and constructive criticisms.

I remember I was “curied” early on once when I didn’t really know or understand what “curie” was or meant. My entry earned triple digits, I think higher than anyone else competing that week. Prior to the announcement of winners on the following Monday, certain that I would win; I had prepared a winners speech of gratitude. Ha-ha… You know what’s coming, right! Yep, I didn’t even place nor make anyone’s honorable mention list! Ha-ha!!!

After about 3.5 seconds of a minor disappointment, I was over it and planning my next entry. For me, it was never about “rewards,” “competition,” or “winning” but rather it is ALL ABOUT having a supportive and fun venue from which to express myself musically, and to get solid real-time feedback from other artists and musicians in the process.

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Seeking out and successfully finding such validation fostered an organic reciprocal reflex in my nature, and the whole darn thing became one highly unstoppable positive feedback loop that continues till’ this very day!

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The only difference is that nowadays, I don’t have much time to record or do “unofficial entries,” so I get my validation-fix in a more one-sided fashion of being in a position to recognize the great performances of others, and to proudly showcase them in my weekly Top-5 list, which by the way is more like a weekly Top-30 list if you included all my honorable mentions. If you include ALL my mentions, it’s more like a weekly Top-100 list!

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After I complete a Top-5 post, I spend hours editing it for grammatical errors and the like. I am so proud of all the artists I’ve selected, (they are my babies, man!) that when my post is finally live, I re-read it and re-listen to every single entry at least a half a dozen times or more. Each time I do so, my heart swells with pride for each of the artists on my list, and for the work that I’ve done to showcase their efforts and artistry in the best possible light.

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I read through my Top-5 posts and listen to each of my selections from top-to-bottom to get the full effect of what readers and listeners are likely to experience when reviewing my findings each week.

How my presentation comes across means a lot to me. It is very similar to the way that you and @breakoutthecrazy yearn for all of us to take the time to really listen to your performances from start-to-finish.

I present my weekly Top-5 showcase in the same fashion, and with the same hope and desire – that at least a small handful of folks will really take the time out to read it all, listen to each of the select artists, and really derive the maximum enjoyment and appreciation for all of the hard work and artistry it took to create and curate it all.

For me, my validation-fix comes in the form of putting a smile on people’s faces, giving them the inspiration to continue pursuing their art, making them feel good about how hard they worked, and how their performances have profoundly affected me and the community at large. That I’ve been blessed with this ability and the opportunity to exercise it is what drives me to do what I do each week.

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I’m Driving Your Car now, Open-Mic People!

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Sure, sometimes it seems more like a full-time job, and I often feel as though I’m "working for peanuts," but as the Beatles say, “that’s all very fine, but you guys show me a far better time.”

I never thought I could derive such joy in giving of myself for the simple sake and benefit of giving. It truly is a beautiful thing.

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  • @passion-ground on bass, drums, rhythm & lead guitar, backup vocals.
  • Recording, mixing, and video editing by @passion-ground.
  • My brother, John on main vocals.
  • My special needs niece, Sara, "driving our car."

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In closing:

From a judges perspective and I think it is safe to assume the same holds true from a broader audience perspective, that even if someone is super-talented, our perceptions subconsciously raise the bar for that performer – and fairly or unfairly, we tend to expect a little more from them.

Changing things up and moving outside one’s comfort or prediction zone goes a long way in sustaining freshness, interest, and excitement. Your decision to do a cover last week was the perfect example, brother Nathan! I was expecting another heart-tugging original, which I’ve become very accustomed (and perhaps a bit desensitized) to hearing from you – but instead, you delivered something lighter, more fun, and out of left field – and it was a total surprise and pure pleasure to experience!

I believe that many artists like yourself, who are true professionals, can effectively utilize the Open-Mic to broaden your respective fan-bases, and perhaps to sell your music too! That’s awesome!

However, we must not forget the general nature and concept of “Open-Mic’s,” which are venues of experimentation, fun, inclusion, and sometimes silliness too. (Need I remind everyone as to my entry performing percussion to Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” on my kitchen sink! Ha-ha!)

I have seen some professionals arrive here with great fanfare and huge community support only to see them disappear shortly thereafter, presumably because the community and judges were failing to recognize their clearly superior professional skills like clockwork.

In my view, I suspect that true professionals need to embrace more of a playful and sharing side of their artistry when participating – at least here in the Open-Mic venue anyway – and not to take themselves so seriously as they otherwise might properly be inclined to do.

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Thank you once again, Nathan, for “getting it,” and for being the outstanding person and brilliant artist/entertainer that you truly are!

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It is my hope that this formal reply serves to enlighten all participants regardless of their skill level, to better understand exactly what I think the Open-Mic is all about, how I judge entrants, and most importantly, that what I’ve said here today, will foster and encourage each of you to squeeze every ounce of passion, love, and joy from this most beautiful experience we’ve all been blessed to share with one another.

With nothing but love,


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An amazingly inspiring post brother! You're continuing support for the music community is to be applauded 👏

@nathankaye you have an incredible way with words, coupled with your extensive and exquisite love for the English language, makes for some indulgent reading! It's beaut mate!
Cheers again 🍻

Thank you, Darren... Your immediate comment has me sobbing into my hand... Love you, brother... .x


Thanks so much @darrenclaxton!
You know, I heard your voice and accent when I read those words.
I do love hearing you speak and sing, mate!

Again, massive Congratulations on your top 5 placing! Well deserved! Beautiful song!

Ha Ha! Cheers man! I was speaking in my most eloquent English Gentleman accent! Cheers for for Grats man!!! and congrats on your top 5 placing too man!! always well deserved! We now need to create our own token on BitShares called COTC token!


I love this whole freaking post. Integrity, humility, honesty, respect... love love love. 💖

So nice of you to say, Katrina, thank you... All of those things you mention are truly what makes the world a better place... hugs... :-)

It has been said before (and will be said many times as it just does not seem to resonate with a lot of people as they just seem to be chasing the money) but if you cannot get pleasure out of simply going through the creative process of crafting your music and entering it then you are missing out on a whole lot!

Music is subjective too and just because you don't get a placing or even a mention does not mean you have "failed" in any way shape or form.
Just by having the guts to expose your musical creations to the world deserves to be applauded so without sounding trite I would just like to say:


Long live #OpenMic!!

Well said, brother... and so true...

I've spent really large chunks of my life playing games purely for the expected value of winning. And you know, eating is nice, and being able to buy things is nice, but in the end that approach itself is no fun at all.

I play Open Mic because I enjoy the game, because I'm very clearly getting better at it, and because I like having the community support that I get from you and others. I wouldn't give that up for winning.

You may even inspire me to put the energy into doing it in person at some point.

Cool, TC - that would be awesome! I always enjoy your unique perspective on things, and your comment here was spot on, bro... Thanks!


Well, now I learned more about open mic, greetings and I will continue participating.

Thank you, brother! I have to say that your week 89 entry was rather cool, man! I am totally digging it!

It is simply great to know that beyond our borders there are people who feel music in the same way you feel it. It will definitely always be my pleasure to participate in the open mic, especially knowing that in this community there are people like you with whom I can share my art and my music. good vibes and blessings.

i wish I had time right now to write out a longer reply, but I just wanted to send a hug and say that I "get it" too.. I really do. I have only been here since the 70's weeks.. back in February.. and I have only entered less than 10 times I think, but I still have fallen in love with this community, and you, the judges.. it makes me happy to see what you do.

I hear people complain about all kinds of things related to open mic and it always irritates me when people can't just enjoy it for what it is. I am a fan of open mics here in Nashville.. have played them, listened to them, studied them, sat in a room paying no attention to the person on stage, and have been on stage knowing people are paying no attention to me. It's okay. To the musicians out there.. I say, you do YOU. Everything else will fall into place. And if it doesn't fall how you want it to fall, then maybe try standing under a different tree. Probably that doesn't make a a lot of sense to anyone, but those are my thoughts.

BIG HUGS to you and to everyone here.
Much love,

Dearest Serena, my sweet angel, and most certainly one of our most loved “community favorites!” I very much know exactly what you’re talking about. It makes perfect sense to me – as I’m sure it does to so many others.

Thank you so much for all that you bring and have brought to the Open-Mic. Not only bringing your own special brand of beautiful artistry, but also bringing the likes of Dino and Danny (just to name two) – who like you, are legends in their own right.

Such a beautiful comment, Serena… I can’t begin to thank you enough for your heartfelt sentiments! Much love, girlfriend! .x

Isn't she the sweetest? You are a pure shining star @paintingangels, Serena, and your beautiful heart holds so my love, it escapes through your voice and your songs, my sweet friend.
@passion-ground for me it has been a humbling experience... from being used to be "wrapped" and protected by a band to challenge myself into simpler solo things... I'm gaining a new kind of confidence. I look forward to participate more often (once I get over some hectic times) and I don't expect anything, I know it has to be extremely difficult and it is a subjective things, also that a song can reach or not reach depending on your mood and its message... so many factors... It does not say more or less of me except that maybe my song touched some soul string one day. My favourite from last week was is not in the podium... but for me it was my winner. I have been befriending a deer and sweet Melavie posted a song about a "dear deer", hit my soul, I understood every word, just a guitar and voice, nothing else was needed to move me. And it's been that way many times. There are artists, there are songs, there are moments... it is all way to subjective to tie it so objectively. Of course as an artist If feels very nice to be rewarded and recognized, let us be honest, it is indeed lovely... but should never be our drive. So if there is space for ethereal melancholic lullabies... I believe in what I do, I'm aware it's not the most mainstream thing ever... ;-), and I'll be always happy when someone (wether judges or a listener) stops to drop some feedback. I go lucky, honesty and I'm aware. I'll share when I am able too, as part of a contest that has made me befriend so many talents....
polished and raw, veterans and newcomers...
All the best, all of "YOU" as Serena says.

Such a lovely comment, @yidneth! I love your work and can't wait to see and hear more of you soon! hugs...