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Hello, steemit open mic community, it’s been seven months since I last participated in the open mic contest and it is a real pleasure for me to return with this entry. I want to commend @lucypher, @pfunk, @soundlegion and other open mic judges for the great job done and for keeping this contest going.

The song “Zosi” is an original composition by me and it is the fourth song in my five track “extended play” which you can listen to on choon. Zosi is basically a love song and an ode to a beautiful East African woman which I call “Zosi”. Below are the lyrics to the song and before you go through it, you should know that the word ” nakupenda” means “I love you” in Swahili.


(Verse one)
You got it all going for you girl
You are the cheerleader
Your skin is the color of the world
Like mama Africa
But it’s only bad that you don't know
Cos nobody told you
You look awesome
When you put a smile on your face baby
I will cross seven oceans
Just to lay next to you
I will cross seven seas
Just to sing this song for you

Zosi Zosi Zosi Zosi
Zosi Zosi
Nakupenda Zosi
Zosi Zosi Zosi Zosi
Zosi Zosi
Nakupenda Zosi

(Verse two)
Fly you far away to Malawi
Right here right now if you let me
Buy you purple flowers and diamonds
Cos you are my super super woman
Zosi Zosi Zosi
Zosi nakupenda Zosi

(Repeat chorus)

I want to thank my brother @misterakapan for the video of this open mic. I hope you enjoy it.


This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it on Open Mic! :)

I appreciate. Thank you so much.

Beautiful song and performance. Next time please follow the rules and say your username at the start of your video. Thank you


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Thank you, definitely, I will.

Great composition and performance, brother!
Nice to see you back!

Thank you so much.. I am glad to be back here too.

This is gold, bro! I like the way the video is put together, and your songs got soul. Very creative. Keep it up!

P.S.: My only suggestion... Tune your guitar up good before the session m8 :)

I really appreciate your stopping by. Thank you, suggestion taken. Respect bro..

You version of choon is different. This one is beautiful! Greetings, @papaudeme.

Yes, After I recorded and released the original version, I realized that I could still do it differently. Thank you for listening, I am also considering doing a proper recording of this one.

good decision. Greetings!

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