Steemit OpenMic WEEK 102 @paintingangels - Original song "Moon in My Shoe"

in openmic •  4 months ago

I found a piece of the moon down in my shoe.
I took it out and babe, I thought of you.
I need a drink, I wanna cry
but here I sit, three shades of dry
while you have gone away to rot and die
You have gone away to rot and die

In another place and time, well, maybe
maybe you'd have saved me, baby, maybe
and maybe I'd have saved you too
or maybe we'd have rotted through
but you forfeited the time we had to try
and now you've gone away to rot and dry

This house is burning down and I can't move
and through this smoke and haze I think of you
the floorboards quake beneath my feet
the gates of hell are calling me

Now both of us will rot away and die
Why was it so hard for you to try?

If only you'd have rescued me tonight
Maybe we'd have flown into the light

Shall I rise or shall I fall?
I'll hate you if I die alone
Cause I don't wanna die here all alone
Why'd you have to leave me here alone?

If only you'd have rescued me tonight
maybe we'd have flown into the light

The birds swoop down and whisper now
They're circling me they're angry 'cause they know
They know I've got their precious moon
I'm saving it to share with you

I'll keep it safely down here in my shoe.
As I sit here in this house and dream of you
I'll sit here in this house and dream of you

(will add more details soon)

I have the sock over the soundhole on my guitar because my webcam mic was picking up a weird rumble when I played as loudly as I wanted to and that seemed to calm it down a bit. Whatever works, right?

My cat, Twinkie, makes his own little appearance in the background, I had no idea he was back there except for once when I heard him making some noise of some sort. His brother Waffle was hanging around somewhere as well. They actually aren't brothers by blood but they sure do look like it.

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This song does have a bluesy feeling to it.

Lovely Serena, :)
kind of feeling "bluesy" and "badass" at the same time... that piece of moon is yours not hovering vultures can take it away... It's kind of a bitter song but I like it's blues/almost western kind of vibe. All the best always... I love the synch timing of your cat at the end of the video :)


Thanks so much, sister! ❤️ I don't usually share my bluesy stuff because I'm not so good at it really. But I love thise chords. E is a fun chord for me even sometimes more than my favorite, A minor! Twinkie is quite the rambling kitty.. lol

Such a beautiful song! I love it.


I appreciate your kind words so much! Thank you!❤️

Very melodious and heartfelt your song. I vote for you, I invite you to visit my profile, thank you.


Thanks very much!

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I like your voice, I like your style


OMG Serena, I love this song!!! I would love to make backing vocals for this!!! and be with a whole band playing this awesome song!!!

You just nailed it! You're the best!!


I would just absolutely die if you did that!!!! Yes please!!!❤️❤️❤️

I love it! There’s that moon again...always.

And watching orange kitty play musical chairs behind you was oddly fitting.

Love you, Serena, and your moon-filled shoe. 💜


It's lately such a challenge not to.. i maybe a tiny bit obsessed... ha ha! Thank you, dear zipporah.. luv you tooo! ❤️

Thank you Serena and sock; you make a great duet ;-) The phrase "put a sock in it!" will from now on carry a whole different meaning :-)

But seriously: what a lovely song Serena, thank you!

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oh wow , this song has some awesome gnarlyness to it .. I loved it , and the lyrics carry some darkness to them .. yup.. bluesy and dark .. good combo!
Why does your Am sound better than mine? what's the trick? :P

Say hello to Twinkie :)