Steemit OpenMic Week 98 [email protected] Original new song-Trouble

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Um, okay wow. Don't know where that British accent came from. This video is a trainwreck of a thing. I'm a weirdo.

Dear EVERYONE, if you could erase from your memory the first part where my voice cracked and I started over, that would be awesome. I understand the damage is irreversible,though.

I just tried so many times before this to get a good recording.

I also didn't mean to smack the guitar either near the end, but I mean this is real life. I do that OFTEN but you just never see those moments because DUH-LETE.

So this is my entry. Lol. That should be the title. My new song- "LOL" ..

Silly mood today. Maybe you get a smile somehow out of it. That would be awesome.



I'm in a whole lot of trouble
seeing double on this wire
I'm feeling so cold
as I stand here
in these shadows
like a ghost
We tried to make it better
but I kept painting gray
all things that were once golden
so now you must walk away

Now the stars they wont shine for me
and the moon has gone away
While our melancholy angels
fall down softly in the hay

You say that I'm not well
You say that you're in hell
Well, I won't be the reason
that you go back to jail

You say that I'm not well
You say that you're in hell
Now, You won't be the reason
that I'm in hell as well

Now we're shaking in the darkness
wasting wishes in the cold

You just kissed me like we're golden
but i told you just to go.


Have a great day, evening, night!

THANK YOU so much to everyone who makes @openmic the wonderful playground of magic that it truly is.

And too many other people to list, I will leave people out and feel bad.. But just know that you are all appreciated! I know open mic entries are down lately and people are kinda moody about the butthead bear market right now but I really think it's all going to be alright.

Mental note: Money can't buy you happiness, can it? (No, but you can buy a boat with money and NAME it HAPPINESS... right? hah.. i love that joke.)

Anyway... "real life" jobs suck but maybe one day we'll all be sittin pretty on this crypto stuff and can all quit our day jobs. That's the dream for me. I know these little open mic entries of mine don't mean much to much of anyone else out there but to me they're a declaration of HEY I AM HERE and I am not going anywhere anytime soon.

Know what else? I'm a member and scout for @helpie and we are looking for new members like (maybe) YOU! And I'm paintingangels(serena)#3668 at discord and if you send me a note over there and say HEEEYYYY girl... get me into helpie then maybe I will just do exactly that.

If you are a nice person who believes in the future of this platform and if you enjoy learning about life and love and crypto and you want to help others who are maybe feeling a bit lost in the sea a bit, then come on over! We want you to grow and learn with us! ♥

Lots of love from ME,

❤️- Serena


Hey don’t get down on yourself, you sound great! The blooper was adorable lol, keep it up

Aww thanks , that is sweet of you to say. I deleted the video here once already in a fit of embarrassment but I put it back. Silly day today.. heh

Lol. I just noticed you have a poop emoji watching in the background.
Great lovely sound. Especially the mess up. Men in Black bloooooop! Deleted. Wait what mess up?

Hey thank you so much! Aaand you are one of only 3 people to ever notice and comment about the emoji pillow. Cool points to you, my cool friend. 😎

At the end of the day...
you remain...
Loved it! ;-)

Awwww YOU are golden.. could never paint you grey. ♥♥♥
thank you thank you : )

YOU are so fucking adorable it almost hurts.

Really, though, you’re like a delectable chunk of golden honey, straight from the hive — still warm from the buzz of the magical bees who made you — made of sunflower nectar, lilac blossoms and sunlight — the very kind of sweet medicine my soul so has need of. 🌼⭐️🌻🌞⭐️🌼


Haha British accent? nah, only Mary Poppins actually talks like that haha sweet all the same! Great song too, I hope those melancholy angels don't bring too much destruction but i got a feeling they planning something real big.

I always feel like my British accent is spectacularly magnificent.. ha ha!

Melancholy angels don't bring the destruction .. they simply wallow in the doom.

oooh, haha thats a line right there!

hey serena,
sooo wonderful!
wooow...kinda feels like a hurting country song recalling memories of your you and your love looking ath the blazing slowly sunsetting sky... :)

Super good. Blooper in the front make it more real as it shows you haven't doctored anything.

Thanks! It could certainly use a doctor.

Awww! Serena... you are so darn cute, and maybe a little silly. ;) And I love it! Absolutely brilliant my good madam! Good show, good show. As always! (That was my British accent...) Good luck in open mic sweetie!


Awww thanks Jen!! I think you are so darn cute too and so super awesome! Thanks for watching that.. lol. Hugs!!

beautiful song, very sweet your interpretation, I liked it. Congratulations! :)

You have a better British accent then I do! Super song, really enjoyed listening to it - very soothing.

#thealliance #witness

me love dis song.