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RE: I LOVE OPEN MIC // Discover How It Works, Get Involved, Take ADVANTAGE!

in #openmic4 years ago

Hey girl! What a fantastic post! I kove the open mic, too. Along with @helpie it's my favorite thing about Steemit!

Are you in Discord? Do you know about Helpie, by chance? Would love to have you with us.

Much love, big cheers. Pfunk was the very first witness I ever voted for, I think. ❤️❤️❤️-serena


Awesome. Sure I'm in Discord, and I know about helpie, so I'd love to be there! @paintingangels.

Oh wonderful! Can you send me a messsage at discord so i can find you to send you an invite? :) Yay!

In fact I'm not sure how can I message you there... If I give you my Discord username and code? siomarasalmeron#6345

Sent you an invite! : )

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