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RE: I LOVE OPEN MIC // Discover How It Works, Get Involved, Take ADVANTAGE!

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Im just a newbie here..and a little confused about voting for witness , open mic and stuffs 😅i like playing music too..can you help me how to get involve in open mic?


Of course. If you check @Luzcypher's content you will find his weekly Opening Post for his contest. You can read his rules. Basically, if you want to participate you must film/record yourself performing any musical piece you prefer, and upload it to Youtube, then make your post in which you will paste the link to you Youtube video, and that's it. Now, @luzcypher has some rules: 1) You must say, in the beginning of your video: Steemit Open Mic Week 99, for example, which is this current week; and 2) You must title your post beginning with STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 99 and the name of your song.

In that same post where you may read the rules, you'll see in the comments all the contestant's entries. There, in the comments, you must leave yours if you want to participate too. Of course, it is very important supporting @luzcypher and contestants, so another rule is to resteem and upvote @luzcypher's post. You can also upvote your favourite entries to support those users.

This is the post with the rules and everything you need to know to participate this week:

Good luck!