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I have another idea. As a producer when I am mixing music it is always what we cut out that brings to the forefront what we want to hear the most.
So an alternative solution of getting PFunk back into the top 20 so that he can afford to retain and maintain his support of open mic would be for us to unvote other top 20 witnesses. If enough of us do this then space will be made for him to slip back into the top 20. This would be the fastest way to make that change happen.
Of all the witnesses that I vote for Pfunk is by far the most generous upvoter of my content. In fact, all the other witnesses when they support my posts only give a tiny fraction towards my posts in comparison, whereas PFunk has usually upvoted extremely highly on my posts. I owe him a lot of thanks for that so I really want to see him get securely within the top 20.
I’m not saying upvotes are the only measure of a witnesses worth, but it’s a great indication of them putting their money where their mouth is.


Hrmmm I submit to you the possibility that it might not be the best measure of what a good witness is, to reduce him or her to... "how many upvotes I get". But, I understand what you mean otherwise. To be honest with you there is one particular top 20 witness that I wish I could remove, but my SP is nothing but a spit in the ocean.

By all means, if you have voted for a witness that you believe does not deserve your vote, unvote that witness without remorse. I'm revising my votes and I particularly don't have one I would currently remove.

I was driving whilst using voice recognition and amended my comment.
You know me well enough to know that the upvote isn’t what I’d consider the most important measure of a witnesses worth, yet it’s not unimportant either.

Let’s not get distracted from my actual suggestion though, as it is an option that will garner fast results. Just like cutting out frequencies of other instruments that interfere with hearing the vocals, we could help make space for PFunk.

I don’t think I personally have any top 20 witnesses that I currently vote for that I don’t think deserve my vote.
That being said, there may be plenty of people who read this comment and notice that there maybe some witnesses they’ve voted for that don’t require their immediate support in place of getting PFunk back in the top 20.
It could even just be a temporary measure to get him back in.

100% with you there my friend... 100%

Back onto your idea. I think it’s an awesome idea indeed.

Having said that, even the amended lower prize payouts are very very generous.
Nobody should really be fussed nor less inspired about receiving that kind of money.

My other suggestion would be to make first prize less higher in reward $$ so that the difference between first, second and third places aren’t so starkly different.

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