Thanks bradda <3

yuuuuuuur welcome ;) if you wanna take a look about my song :p its a fun salsa cover very different rhythm, i covered with another kind of vibe and sounds, salsa its latin music from puerto rico, and rumba flamenca its from spain so I try to create a new sound but with the same lyrics of the cover of course butttttt its a fun stuff about the lyrics, here its a very very dislike sound, cause its about a guy that knows that his wife its a prostitute or... he is falling in love with a prostitute but he write a letter about like he wanna be an anonimous client and told her that he wanna mets her in a motel room, so its very freak and bizarre lyric and fun and famous here, a tropical sound but its fun that a rocker guy listen that kind of music or worst covered XD its like the music that the poor poor poor ppl listen in theirs parties for dance or whatever, a lot of ppl here dislike this song and the lyrics but i like a lot cause im very freak xD and i love to create a cover about that, a lot of friends and ppl that listen this cover laught a lot and say to me you are an asshole crazy dude xD sooo i love it jeje


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