Steemit Open Mic Week 60 - Hernán Suárez - Echoes (Original Song) Pantam CompositionsteemCreated with Sketch.

in #openmic3 years ago

Hi everyone! hope you all enjoy this piece! Is many years im travelling and gaining experience and inspiration in music with people from all over the world, may the Echoes resonate in your souls!

Thanks for your support!


Thanks for sharing the Hang with us! I have one too and have been thinking of posting a video or two about it as well. Most excellent job on it too!

Namaste :)

Thank you!! yes i would love to see another hang player in the community!! go for it! :D


Yes i am greatfull for this wonderful sharing an ability to serenade all of us, Thanks @nadabrahmasounds and alsos I am agree with you @eric-boucher

This is incredible, man! Beats the daylights of anything I've ever done on a kitchen sink! (bit of an open-mic "off the reservation" inside joke). Quite unique, intense, and satisfying!

Yes this was incredible but I also loved what you did with the kitchen sink lol you both rocked it

Thanks for sharing it with us, good post.

A thank you from me too :-)

Hey it's great
I am also a percussionist.
I wish you luck

Your music is stunningly beautiful. I am so excited you found our #openmic tribe, as I am mesmerized by this sound you're creating, and looking forward to more. I'm following, upping, and resteeming, because I trust others will enjoy your creative spirit too!

Thanks so much brother! yes for sure ill be uploading lots of music with different instruments! im glad you enjoyed!

Nice melodies. An interesting instrument. thanky

Sounds mystical!

Almost electronic!


Hey Hernan!! That was SO DOPE!! Me encantó!! Muchas gracias por compartir tu música con nosotros! He visto este instrumento antes... pero no se como se llama, me lo podrías decir?
También.. de donde eres? Eres un músico increíble! Felicidades de voto y te sigo! Necesito escuchar mas! <3 un abrazo! Y muchas felicidades por tu talento!

Beautiful Music. Can you kindly put your steemit profile link in the description of your youtube video?
I upvoted :)

Thanks!! and thank you for the advice! i already done it! :)

That was mesmeriszng. Hope to hear more from you soon.


Thanks for creating this beautiful event for sharing!!

Wow. Very unique one. Bloody brilliant man.

very good harmony, I enjoyed it to the fullest. Good vibes .
I follow you

this is amazing, thanks for such a good sound, I will follow you, I hope and you also follow me and vote for my presentation post where I talk about my musical talent, I am new in this steemit community, I hope your support please...

Hey brother!! of course! its all about supporting each other! Thanks!!

I found your post through a resteem from @curie , and I'm glad that I did.
This is so very well played. I love the beat that you've put in it with your right hand. This instrument has a bit of a hypnotizing effect. Thanks for sharing this!

Thanks brother!! ill keep uploading more also with different instruments! glad that you enjoyed!

You definitely peaked my interest. can't wait to see/hear more great stuff from you.

Awesome wkwkwk

Gorgeous. <3
This is my favourite musical instrument ^_^

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@nadabrahmasounds the universe is nada! Everything is light and sound and you rock!!! Thanks to @myaceh for resteeming ... otherwise I didn’t recognize this yogi talent !!! I will follow and Upvotet! Steem on like that

Thanks so much!! blessings! im glad you like my expression!

Of course! For me as a yoga teacher Sound is soooo important! Rock on like that! Check the music challenges always that could be yours! Where are you from?

Thanks! you know about another music challenge? im from Argentina

There is always one!!! Every week! Please check out @afrog ... he is really helpfully for this!!! He translate the challenge rules for the German community so maybe he can help

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Amazing instrument. unlike anything ive ever heard before. thankyou very much.

I liked a lot the song, so relaxing...thanks for sharing

So beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing 😁😁 we've resteemed, it's just too pretty not to!!! We'll be following for more!

very original I loved your open mic, kisses

Lovely sounds! Nice performance!
Upvoted and resteemed!

Great post fella, my old house mate had a Hang which I played on quite often, such beautiful instruments..

Great work , you doing great. I love this post .
And thanks for sharing


I am a dancer and musician and hang is my favorite instrument... you are making music and simultaneously dancing with your hands to the music you make! I enjoyed your song immensely...thank you so much for sharing.

Really nice performance. The first one I've seen n Steemit with a Hang; I love the sound of it.

This is one of the most interesting yet beautiful performances I have yet to experience. Thank you for this awesome charge! Resteemed.

So relaxing. Takes you on a journey for sure! Thank you

This music is defnately good for the soul. It took me to another place.

Got to love the hangdrum :) Great performance <3
If you are into challenges, you may be interested in one I am running right now. It is called FOLK IT! and you can check it out here. All the love :)

wow i love that instrument how its called ? i would love to make a colaboration with you i would love to have this sound in my tracks
Good Job man you'r very talented congrats !

That was incredible bro!! Is the first time i see something like that. Simply amazing!!

¡Que espectacular! Sentí que estaba oyendo al Universo. Namasté hermano.

Beautiful playing! Really inspired me to get into this instrument.

Good sound..
Unique very detail

I love this instrument. This is awesome.

love the steel drum sound. you made bank off this post! congrats! here is 3 more cents! lol

Ambience Sound therapy <3

Wow! I loved this was so very unique and interesting to listen to.

Wow! this is a very cool sound, and this is the first time I've ever heard this kind of instrument before. I was completely sucked in by the beautiful sound. It had me imagining running through a lush forest. Can't wait to hear more!

This is beautiful, I am crying! <3

that was awesome your playing a flying saucer. just awesome sound i love it

i felt like I was in a place where I'm free ... It's like I am walking in this very beautiful place I've never been in my whole life... that's what ur music is telling my soul... love it dude!!! by the way what instrument is that? lately I just love the kalimba and here is this another one new to my eyes..