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Oh my this is beautiful, so good I reached for my headphones haha


Thank you!!

Poem Inspired by this Piece:

The depths call out, in colour
Surrender to the fall,
Disintegrating in motion,
I wonder,
I wish,
I call out,

High towers above me and damp walls,
A quick footed lizard runs by, urging me to follow,
Surrender he orders as I shield my eyes,
The light is so bright down here,
The light of a thousand and one tries!
A thousand and one eyes,
Another second later and....


Fantastic!! I love it.

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Nice job! Very well done! Keep up the good work!

Hi @montanacellist ,

This is the type of performance I can just sit back and close my eyes and relax while listening to. Such a great piece.

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This is so inspirate. Contrats!!!


Thanks man!

This is really beautiful.

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Really is a beautiful performance.


Thank you! The rules must have recently changed. I'll follow the exact rules next week.

Oh, I just noticed. No need to use classical-radio tag. I only watch the classical-music tag.

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Wow this is something I've never seen before.. but it really sounds amazing!

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It is surprising how everything being improvised undertakes a spiritual journey, I love it, I feel that they are drawing circles between notes and notes. There is a very playful, relaxing atmosphere. Congratulations. Good vibes.



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This is absolutely gorgeous.

Cello has long been one of my favorite instruments, my dad (jazz pianist) played with a succession of outstanding upright bass players, and I love the singing bowls as well.

My only singing bowl is a small traditional one from Tibet, but it has amazing resonance, and is tuned to the heart frequency. But I love the large glass bowls as well.

A friend of mine in South Carolina, Scott Kennedy, used to put on concerts with his wife Anne at Sacred Lands, in Seminole, Florida, using a large collection of singing bowls, gongs, and a variety of concert bells and percussion instruments.

Their concerts were performed in a large domed greenhouse, which provided surprisingly exceptional acoustics, and an intimate feel to the concerts.

I bought a couple of excellent gongs from Scott that I still have and use. He used to make Native American flutes from a varity of materials, including bone, but I don't believe he does so any more.

The place has amazing energy and I strongly recommend a visit if you visit central west Florida; Sacred Lands is right on the Gulf, just south of Largo and Indian Rocks Beach. Beautiful place, with incredible energy, and wonderful people.