Steemit Open Mic Week 92 - The Earth has cracked again - original song - MDJ

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Hey guys, it's been a while since I've made a post and thought I'd add a little entry to this week's open mic.


"Drifting around, scattered faces,
Breaking dawn, Broken places

The sky has fallen, the oceans crashing down,
The winds are calling, the earth has cracked again"

This song is all about the world collapsing through our own devistating ways with how we treat its wonderful nature it provides for us.

The lryics to this song isn't a lot, but I quite like the fact that it's short but also packs a punch with the message I am sending out

With power and greed being among most of the main fundermental reasons as to the continued destruction of our planet, it is down to ourselves to restore parity.

However, sadly, the only true way in order to achieve this is through a massive rebellion or rebellions to overhaul these mad and cruel ways we treat the world and its inhabitants.

However, this unfortunately has its paradoxical issues, as there's always going to have to be leaders to implement new ways with how our societys work and no matter what systems these new found "leaders" put in place, no matter how much of an amazing, peaceful and harmonic place "he/she or they" create, there will always be people who will do there best to disrupt this...

So anyways, hope this gives you guys a better understanding and clearer insight behind this piece.

hope you guys enjoy and any comments/resteems & upvotes for this post, is much appreciated : )

much love to you all.


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  ·  last year (edited)

Awesome tune, great message and outstanding performance, mate!

Blissful blessings and smiles

in joy



Hey dude, cheers for this glad I could reach out to people who can appreciate it like yourself. I must check out some of your stuff as well, I haven't really checked out anyone's as I've been so focused on just trying to sort my head out and I haven't had the time to really check other people's stuff out. At some point when I'm more stable I will be able to do this. Much love dude x

All good mate... You get back in your flow and connect when you're ready... Blessings and congrats!

Blissful blessings and smiles

in joy



This is absolutely amazing. I'm relatively new to open mic and this is the first time I'm seeing/hearing you play. Really well done! 💖 As for the thoughts behind it, I hear you. Such a difficult place to be, wanting more balance and harmony on earth, but not knowing how to bring it about. Keep being you, and keep singing. That helps.

Heyyyy thanks for your support I'm glad you enjoyed my performance. I've been using this platform for about 4 months now and have really enjoyed being apart of the community. I've uploaded quite a few posts to the open mic contest so feel free to have a look through to find other musical posts I've made. I see your also a musician too, how long have you been playing the guitar for ???

Just stopping by to let you know that you're featured in our #originalsunday of this week!

Check out our post here :D

Easy dude, nice one bro for this, it's all about helping others and be really apart of something special. It's so refreshing to be on a platform that has so much to offer and its exciting to be apart of. Much love x

We're super happy to know that it's appreciated! Also, you definitely deserve it.

Keep going strong ~

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Awesome!!! Thanks Guys for this support it really is appreciated, have a great wknd everyone : )

Hi moderndayjester,

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Glad you're still here @moderndayjester. Love hearing you sing and play.

Hey man, cheers for this, glad you appreciate my vibes, it's been a while and the price of Steem is really low so really hoping that changes, do you think it will ???

I've been on Steem for almost 2-years, man. I remember when it was .11 cents and about a year ago it was about .50 cents, so from my perspective it is not low. It just peaked from Nov 2017-Jan 2018 like all cryptos did. It still looks good to me, man.

Sounding really epic, those power notes, i do not know how you can play and beatbox. I loved the short heartfelt torn lyrics.

Hey thanks for this comment, sorry it's taking me so long time reply. Im glad you appreciate my entry, beatbxoing and playing piano at the same time is difficult but practice practice practice is how I've been enable myself to be as flowing as I possibly can. I've seen a few of your entries as well and what a voice you have! Maybe we could perhaps do a collaborative entry one of these days???

Well, I'm the slowest worker ever... I have only but participated twice in open mic, and hoping I can do my third entry very soon as I love the contest. Trying to get the third CD finished (last post is a single that will be part of it) but giving it a proper push now :). Still you never know I really loved the piano and the epicness of it.

Hey!!! So sorry about the late reply. I think your a very talented singer and perhaps we could do a little collaborative effort for one of these entries??? Much appreciated for your kind comment : ) have a great day !

So good man, this is the first time I’ve heard you sing and it’s great. Very epic as usual. I can see the video for this song in my head when you play =)

Hey dude, cheers for this mate, i haven't heard any of your stuff yet but will check it out later. Much appreciated for your support bro : )

I'm so happy to inform you that you unanimously won Open Mic this week. Congratulations @moderndayjester! I'm really thrilled you stuck around and loved your performance.


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Awesome!!thank you bro for your support for helping me reach out to others. It's a fantastic project you have been working on and Im grateful to if found a genuine platorm to share my content. Peace and love amigosss

Excellent man! good for you! It is good to hear such talented people like you around here !! Greetings!!

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I ain't sayin' nothin' - so don't consider this a comment - alright... But you're up there... However, it ain't over till' it's over...

You don't need to say "it ain't over till it's over" just be like "dude great entry! Loving the unique blends, this really stood out for me, keep your eyes peeled for my top 5!" Or something along those lines : )

Chill bro, and lighten up a tad... I know it's sometimes hard to read through playfulness in the text - however since you warned me never to comment "UNLESS" - I thought I'd try and bring a bit of levity to the matter. :-)

I'm all good bro, bring on the semi finals !!!!

Coolio, bro!
Thanks, man!

Just wanted to let you know as well - that there would be nothing that would thrill me more than if you might be so inspired to lend a track (or several tracks) to the mega collab we're producing. Here is the latest link update with a link to the original post as well. Just let me know - and you're in! Thanks, brother!

@moderndayjester, your song was selected to be part of the initial collection set of trading cards for the album of Steemit OpenMic.
Congratulations !!

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